How to spell CIENT correctly?

We think the word cient is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell cient correctly

  • bent Jack bent down over the man, and said- "What's the matter?
  • cant Not that Dash 'paints,' to give the deuce his due-except himself a little blacker even than he is; he don't cant; he couldn't cant; not to save his life, I believe.
  • celt She is a red-haired, blue-eyed Celt, with a pretty face, and a refinement of motion and speech rarer in some other peasantries.
  • cement Enough, enough, my dear; now let us all drink in turn to cement our friendship.
  • cent "A hundred and fifty miles and not a cent in my pocket!
  • center In a few minutes the Confederate line parted in the center and disappeared.
  • cert RSB EU RED (Roundtable of Sustainable Biofuels EU RED) 2BSvs (Biomass Biofuels voluntary scheme) Red Tractor (Red Tractor farm Assurance Combinable Crops & Sugar Beet Scheme) SQC (Scottish Quality Farm Assured Combinable Crops scheme) Red Cert HVO Renewable Diesel Scheme for Verification of Compliance with the RED sustainability criteria for biofuels Gafta Trade Assurance Scheme KZR INIG System Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops Universal Feed Assurance Scheme The European Commission on Energy has criteria established on the use of biofuels for aviation in the EU.
  • civet Civet absolute [68916-26-7] is used as a flavor and in perfumery.
  • client We believed at the time that it was a mere matter of form; in fact, when we drew his will our client informed us that there would most probably be no results.
  • dent She wanted a new smile, but her old dent was in the way.
  • dint After giving her a hard time, he was surprised when she dint retaliate.
  • feint The feint was successful and I caught her off guard.
  • gent
  • hint I'm going to give you a hint about the test.
  • kent
  • lent
  • lint I need to lint my clothes before I go.
  • mint I refuse to eat this mint flavored ice cream.
  • pent The gymnast's vault looked like a tiny pentagon.
  • pint
  • rent
  • saint She is a saint for rescuing that kitten.
  • scent They rubbed noses in greeting before turning to The Scented Barn, VIP event of the day.
  • send
  • sent This package was sent by mail.
  • silent
  • spent We spent the evening playing video games.
  • tent Inside the tent, it was dark and cramped.
  • tint The car's tint looked illegal.
  • vent You can see the vent in the roof.
  • Ain't New-lookin', ain't it, Mark?
  • Can't I can't sleep for thinking of her.
  • Cit And he that day had got the gray, Unknown to brother cit; The horse he knew would never tell, Altho' it was a tit.
  • Went
  • Cindy So dey wrote a letter to Marse Wash'n'ton dat day fer Cindy, en' wanted Cindy by de 'een er de mont', en' Marse Wash'n'ton sont her home.
  • INT
  • CONT Please stop contorting your body.
  • CENTS I think, Herbert, you had better take seventy-five cents with you, so that if you get very tired with your walk over, you can come back by stage."
  • CINE ↑ Mentions of Baker having been born Karolina Piekarski date back to at least 2006 when the name appeared on the Internet Movie Database, and the claim has been republished in works such as Guia de Cine Clásico (2006; ISBN 978-8-498-21388-1), and Hollywood Winners & Losers A to Z (2008; ISBN 978-0-879-10351-4).
  • isn't

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  • curious
  • curiously
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