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How to spell CIENT correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "cient" and are looking for the correct suggestions, fret not! The word you might actually intend to write could be "client". This is a common error, so ensure careful proofreading to avoid such mistakes. Remember, accuracy matters!

List of suggestions on how to spell cient correctly

  • bent The metal rod was bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • cant
  • celt
  • cement The workers poured cement to create a sturdy foundation for the new building.
  • cent
  • CENTS I found a dime and two cents on the street.
  • cert The company issued a cert to confirm their successful completion of the project.
  • CINE I am excited to go to the cine tonight to watch the latest blockbuster movie.
  • Cit
  • civet The civet is a nocturnal mammal native to Asia and Africa, known for its musky scent.
  • client The company's main priority is to satisfy the needs of their client.
  • CONT
  • dent She wanted a new smile, but her old dent was in the way.
  • dint After giving her a hard time, he was surprised when she dint retaliate.
  • gent The old gent sat on the bench, watching the children play in the park.
  • hint I'm going to give you a hint about the test.
  • INT
  • kent
  • lent
  • lint I need to lint my clothes before I go.
  • mint I refuse to eat this mint flavored ice cream.
  • pent
  • pint
  • rent
  • scent
  • sent This package was sent by mail.
  • silent The library was silent except for the occasional cough or page turning.
  • spent We spent the evening playing video games.
  • tent Inside the tent, it was dark and cramped.
  • tint The car's tint looked illegal.
  • vent You can see the vent in the roof.
  • Went

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