Correct spelling for CIONTINUED

We think the word ciontinued is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ciontinued

  • centipede The galley's sweeps-forty in number-were suddenly rigged out, and she assumed the appearance of a gigantic centipede hurrying over the surface of the sea, her long oars rising and falling swiftly, with a gun-like flash of sunlight off their wet blades, as they churned the water into snow-white foam on each side of her.
  • centred I dare say not, as he is self-centred, being seldom aware of anything beyond his own immediate sensations.
  • contained It could be no common thing that had caused such deep emotion in one who was usually so self-contained.
  • contend I contend, Mr. Speaker," he went on, "that by the ill-advised action of the Government from the first hour of their coming into power, we now find ourselves conquered.
  • contender During the early 1920s, Burbank was a contender to become the location for the southern branch of the University of California.
  • content M. de Vendome was content, and determined to obtain all he asked on a future day.
  • continued He turned his horse, and the race against time was continued.
  • continuity Men who have lived through national tempests or domestic crashes know how much they need to be steadied afterwards by some reasonable assurance of comparative continuity.
  • intend Now, seein' hisself through the sight of a rifle 'ithin good shootin' distance, shurely ye don't intend we shud let him go!"
  • intoned His side of the choir was always to take up any psalm he had intoned; the other side of the choir, under the direction of the sub-cantor, doing the same in regard to what he intoned.
  • maintained In this way, the curse and opprobrium of ignorance are maintained in our own country.
  • suntanned
  • Condoned Within a few years the publication of the correspondence of De Fersen, the agent of the king and queen, has supplied the proof of the charge that they were in secret correspondence with the allied sovereigns to introduce foreign troops upon the soil of France,-a crime which no people has ever condoned.
  • interned In the 1930s, most of the white population consisted of Germans with Nazi sympathies; they were interned in British camps starting in June 1940.

383 words made from the letters ciontinued

4 letter words made from ciontinued:

coue, duei, cite, nenu, nuit, enic, cnut, tund, cudi, ento, inec, noen, deci, done, nout, toei, dieu, nuoc, unio, dent, cuit, unti, enid, duct, tied, conn, iton, innu, ueno, tido, donu, dine, nudi, iuni, neon, udin, endo, cuon, deut, donc, cuti, idun, dice, nunc, nucd, tuen, oude, coin, nude, duet, once, node, tion, duoc, inui, coen, dniu, nicu, nune, tuno, iten, code, tune, ndou, dune, unie, dote, nute, nonu, utne, nied, tend, cone, onne, noce, inti, duco, neid, duit, cenn, odin, duen, onen, nido, toun, onni, itno, tuni, duin, tide, iuno, cute, unco, tone, nidi, indo, tieu, nito, udot, idio, noun, etui, note, itoi, dint, uden, doin, toed, ecto, edit, udon, edun, unni, cent, tuin, odet, cedi, nice, toci, coud, tecn, todi, tuoi, cunt, doun, uict, nuno, iino, nein, undo, iiun, iced, ideo, none, euoi, otic, ndut, eudo, nine, duni, dein, unit, ouen, nuon, eini, cote, dinn, tine, idit, nodi, icon, oned, duce, diet.

5 letter words made from ciontinued:

inced, ideon, toein, coted, dicto, count, nonce, intoe, coden, notin, itoen, iinet, tieon, noten, inden, incut, ndeti, conen, iteco, cenon, inonu, tiein, dicot, einon, tinio, tinue, nonde, cinto, ntini, nitid, edinu, unted, unite, tonci, cnote, idiot, teiid, tenon, tuned, tecno, dieci, cunei, cedit, douen, unoci, untie, indeo, outdi, onnie, nintu, onend, conne, ionut, cueto, toned, ionic, innit, udine, netco, tondu, ennui, indic, cuito, duino, cuneo, nicon, indue, doten, ecoid, unitd, inuit, idite, iodin, cione, tined, outen, tenco, unten, tenno, ecton, dueto, niton, untin, denio, deuto, intuc, nudie, unode, inite, entin, outed, noite, donne, dunce, uniti, centi, tondi, indec, einin, onned, undie, doute, innie, cient, nocte, ontic, onuci, nieto, indie, nicen, nutin, tiden, unedo, tendo, decou, doune, donen, union, iunno, dunin, outie, uninc, nicin, ninti, ennio, ounce, cound, tunic, donut, nicot, denno, douin, toine, conti, dinon, tunde, itude, nicod, tonic, centu, tueni, dinei, edict, ouden, denon, cundi, tendu, inion, odein, dinic, noted, endon, niten, tincu, citie, tonen, tonne, cioni, necon, tonin, untii, denti, oncet, inetd, iceni, unnec.

3 letter words made from ciontinued:

eon, don, con, cio, doc, otc, tun, nec, ten, duo, iud, ido, cud, one, ceo, tiu, ute, out, dit, etc, oct, dot, doe, icu, edo, tod, ode, uni, not, tie, inn, oed, die, ent, oui, den, nut, tin, due, ted, nun, utc, net, cut, iou, neo, dun, ton, tic, toe, cue, iod, nne, tec, nit, end, ice, dec, nod, din, ion, ect, cot.

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