Correct spelling for CLAENED

We think the word claened is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for claened

  • calender The heaviest finish on the calender, i.
  • canned "You can't spill canned truck an' sewin' machines, sergeant," he called back derisively.
  • clawed He was so nicknamed, I think, because of the figure on the banner that he flew-a huge dragon with one fiercely clawed foot lifted as if to lay hold of all that came its way.
  • cleaned In taking down the old lodge of Merdon or Hursley, a large lump of metal was found, squeezed into a crevice of the wall, and was sold by Mr. Heathcote as a Roman weight; but on being cleaned, it proved to be the die of the seal of the Commonwealth.
  • cleaner There isn't a prouder, gentler, cleaner-minded boy in the world than Terry.
  • cleansed Cleansed, red-skinned, and steaming, we return at last to the dressing-room, to shiver, as we dress, in the cold drafts from the entry door; and then, muffled up to the eyes, we plunge into the refreshing outer air, and hurry home, looking like so many big bundles running away with smaller bundles.
  • cleared Arthur Duryea cleared his throat, but still his voice was clogged and unsteady.
  • client If I were a lawyer and a client of mine were to speak to me as Pless spoke to him, I firmly believe I should have had at least a fair sprinkling of his blood upon my hands.
  • gland
  • Caned He told the boys at school about the cockatrice and his wonderful true tales, and the boys liked the stories; but when he told the master he was caned for untruthfulness.
  • Clanged The gate clanged down behind them as-untouched by heel or spur-the two spring-limbed chargers raced for their bits across the sand.
  • Clanked Huge iron machines had their region, and trophies of cobweb lace theirs; while "walking-beams" clanked and shuttles flew, working wonders before amazed and enchanted-eyes.
  • Gleaned
  • Leaned
  • Planed
  • Craned
  • cleaved That common man, whose spirit otherwise cleaved to the dust, who gave a thought to nothing, not even to everyday politeness, beyond what was purely utilitarian, and had come here too with a definite object in view-he felt in his heart that there was something higher than business and his business in particular, and he left the Schloss elevated, purified, with eyes dim with emotion and the smile still on his flushed face.
  • cloned In Alien Resurrection, due to significant genetic tampering in an attempt to recover DNA from the deceased Ellen Ripley and the Alien Queen within her, the resulting cloned Aliens show a number of minor human traits.
  • clowned
  • clewed It was at night, in our watch, and the wind had headed us off a little rather suddenly, and when we had flattened in the jibs, we clewed down the topsails, while the two Benton boys got the spanker sheet aft.

122 words made from the letters claened

3 letter words made from claened:

dle, eel, can, cad, led, lad, dec, nee, end, dal, ane, den, lea, aec, lee, eec, lac, ale, lan, dna, eld, ene, lcd, nec, ade, nad, enl, ace.

5 letter words made from claened:

delan, aneel, delen, lenca, lecan, andel, clade, lance, ndlea, nedal, daele, ndele, clean, eland, laned, caled, calne, acned, laced, decal, dance, endel, needl, eaned, danel, clane, laden, elend, lacen, denel, edcel, cadle, edale, celan, nadel, laedc, acene, anele, dence.

4 letter words made from claened:

6 letter words made from claened:

aneled, ceneda, leaden, enlace, decena, candel, nealed, caneel, cendal, aldeen, candle, dancel.

7 letter words made from claened:

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