Correct spelling for CLASSEY

We think the word classey is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for classey

  • class I don't believe in mixing classes, simply because it seems to me that one class never really understands another, not at all because one class isn't just as good as another."
  • classic All these are bad faults, especially in a work which should have become a classic.
  • classify Have divisions or pigeonholes at the back of your book, where you can put away and classify all sorts of memoranda.
  • classy Kind of a slim, classy-lookin' girl she is, too.
  • clause He may ask a question, which shall require the whole truth for the answer; or one which will be answered by a clause; or another which is answered by a word.
  • clayey It is greater in loamy and clayey soils; but is still small.
  • close But look, you're a bit too close here.
  • closer Marcia came closer and took the girl in her arms.
  • glaser
  • glass
  • glassed
  • glasses
  • glassy
  • glossy
  • Classed There are few things by which we can so well trace the history of the human mind as by a classed catalogue, with dates of the first publication of books; even the relative prices of books at different periods, their decline and then their rise, and again their fall, form a chapter in this history of the human mind; we become critics even by this literary chronology, and this appraisement of auctioneers.
  • Classes "I am undecided which of two classes you shall join, so I am going to give you the choice.
  • Casey Casey rolled on, and the train grew plain in his sight.
  • Claus
  • clashes If I have trespassed upon any person in the world, it is upon yourself, from whom I had some of the notions about county banks, and factories for goods, in the chapter of banks; and yet I do not think that my proposal for the women or the seamen clashes at all, either with that book, or the public method of registering seamen.
  • clauses
  • classier
  • glassier

94 words made from the letters classey

3 letter words made from classey:

ley, ace, yea, sea, sac, lac, sls, sly, als, yes, lye, cay, asl, say, sse, ass, sle, sec, lay, ale, aec, lea.

4 letter words made from classey:

slye, seal, cays, less, seys, lyce, case, lacy, acyl, says, clay, lecy, seay, sacy, laye, lass, lace, esla, lays, seas, yale, leys, seya, yeas, slay, yass, sale, cley, elya, ealy, easy, eyas.

5 letter words made from classey:

eyass, clase, alces, essay, seals, yales, yssel, slays, laces, elsas, ayles, scyes, sayes, syles, lyses, acyls, sales, lyssa, aysel, sayle, lyase, scaly, cases, lessa, sealy, sesay, clays, syces, sayel, selya, assle, sayce, yecla, sleys, scale, slaes, class, assel, cayes, claye.

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