Correct spelling for CLEAREAD

We think the word clearead is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for clearead

  • Geared(Definition of geared)
  • Our present tax system geared primarily to war requirements must be revised for peacetime so as to encourage private demand.

  • Clawed
  • Ida mary clawed dirt from the hard-baked ground, and with it in her hands twisted my burning smock into knots to keep the flames from spreading.

  • Claret(Definition of claret)
  • Well, he went home to england with his regiment, and one night when he was dinin' among some first chop men, nobles and so on, they sot up considerable late over their claret; and poor thin cold stuff it is too, is claret.

  • Glared
  • When he had gone off to join the others, holk or glared after him.

  • Clewed
  • Seeing that there was not the slightest chance of escaping by flight, captain searle ordered the foresail and topgallant-sails to be clewed up, and, under our topsails and fore-and-aft sails, resolved to wait the coming up of the enemy, if such the stranger might prove.

  • Colored(Definition of colored)
  • Capillitium of slender, dark colored threads, more or less branched and combined into a loose net.

  • Clarets
  • And peter writes more and more disconsolately, lamenting this great reproach, and david writes pretty letters of fence, and the wine business leaks away, and peter is in despair; and davy sends remittances which are certainly not legitimate business dividends, thus propping up the sinking wine venture; and before peter is reconciled, has become the hero of the london boards, with a bank credit that would buy all their ports and clarets twice over.

  • Collared(Definition of Collared)
  • The captain pointed me out; they collared and handed me into the boat, and pulled for the shore in silence.

  • Clare
  • Shorland was thinking what all this meant to clare hazard and luke freeman.

  • Clara
  • But see, i want to speak about clara.

  • Cleaned(Definition of cleaned)
  • Kate found her room cleaned, shining, and filled with flowers.

  • Blared
  • Then the orchestra blared out, the curtain descended, and the house broke into a great flutter of applause.

  • Leered
  • You sure look purtier than in thet buckskin outfit," he leered.

  • Flared(Definition of flared)
  • "but i wouldn't get nervous in the sight the enemy," flared up dan dalzell.

  • Cleaved(Definition of cleaved)
  • The pilot gave the signal, the sails were unfurled, the ship rocked for a moment as if courting the breeze, and then it rapidly cleaved the waves.

  • Cared
  • And i never cared for him."

  • Clerked
  • Following his graduation from law school, banner clerked for judge alex kozinski of the u.

  • Cleared(Definition of cleared)
  • "be serious," said i. "do you think i would be so foolish as to interest myself in this business unless i believed that it could be cleared of all mystery and explained?"

  • Clearer(Definition of Clearer)
  • "well, that is just how it happened, and if i were to explain and explain i couldn't make it any clearer.

  • Clearest
  • The dispatches and correspondence of the generals who were opposed to wellington are the clearest evidence of his extraordinary skill.

  • Coloured(Definition of coloured)
  • He coloured a little.

197 words made from the letters clearead

3 letter words made from clearead:

car, ada, eld, dal, ale, eec, dle, ace, rad, dec, are, ade, cad, ear, cer, red, lea, dre, eel, arc, lac, ler, lcd, ara, led, ala, aec, era, lad, lee, aar.

4 letter words made from clearead:

5 letter words made from clearead:

cedar, arced, areca, lacer, adree, dacre, clear, drace, ardee, redec, claar, acral, adale, alcea, elder, eldar, darle, dacer, dalea, creed, craal, acela, laedc, reald, ledra, clere, reada, areal, aceae, ladra, arede, caere, reale, leder, areel, arcae, arcee, cadle, daler, clade, leear, edler, caaed, reaal, alred, celer, cerae, edale, daele, edcel, cadra, leard, eared, arale, deraa, acree, eader, alder, ercel, radle, cadre, creal, draal, ceder, alere, arcel, elara, erdal, aldar, cedre, decal, ardea, laced, creel, leare, caled, arled, lader, crede, ceral.

6 letter words made from clearead:

cereal, cleare, calera, calder, leared, lacera, celada, relace, credal, cardle, arcade, celera, leader, aereal, lecrae, claree, decare, alerce, ladera, clader, cradle, credle, laered, redeal, aelred, reclad, dealer, aderca.

7 letter words made from clearead:

recalde, creedal, caldera, dalcera, craaled, lacerda, cedrela, relaced, cleared, declare.