Correct spelling for CLISHAE

We think the word clishae is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for clishae

  • clash A portentous clash of dominant personalities that form the essence of the play are necessarily touched upon but briefly in the short space of four acts.
  • cliche There is also a connection to Coleridges earlier poem "To the Nightingale", a poem that followed the traditional cliche about nightingales and melancholy.
  • cliched
  • clime The days were glorious-a trifle hot, perhaps, but none of the boys minded that; and at night the stars, "as big as lamps," Billy declared they looked in the far southern latitude they had now reached, gave almost as much light as the moon in our chilly northern clime.
  • cline
  • clique
  • clive
  • cloche
  • close
  • clothe
  • geisha
  • Clashed Quickly they dug in their spurs, lances in the sockets, and they clashed so fiercely that their lances flew to pieces.
  • Elisha
  • Keisha
  • Alisha Bounce Back" was later recorded and released in 1990 by American freestyle and dance-pop singer Alisha, where it was included on the same-titled album Bounce Back.
  • clashes Speaker Sedgwick's estimate of Marshall-Cabot's opinion- Marshall a leader in Congress from the first-Prepares answer of House to President's speech-It satisfies nobody-Wolcott describes Marshall-Presidential politics-Marshall writes his brother analysis of situation-Announces death of Washington, presents resolutions, and addresses House: "first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen"-Marshall's activity in the House-He clashes with John Randolph of Roanoke-Debate on Slavery and Marshall's vote-He votes against his party on Sedition Law-Opposes his party's favorite measure, the Disputed Elections Bill-Forces amendment and kills the bill-Federalist resentment of his action: Speaker Sedgwick's comment on Marshall-The celebrated case of Jonathan Robins-Republicans make it principal ground of attack on Administration-The Livingston Resolution-Marshall's great speech on Executive power-Gallatin admits it to be "unanswerable"-It defeats the Republicans-Jefferson's faint praise-the "Aurora's" amusing comment-Marshall defends the army and the policy of preparing for war-His speech the ablest on the Army Bill-His letter to Dabney describing conditions- Marshall helps draw the first Bankruptcy Law and, in the opinion of the Federalists, spoils it-Speaker Sedgwick vividly portrays Marshall as he appeared to the Federalist politicians at the close of the session.
  • cliches

173 words made from the letters clishae

3 letter words made from clishae:

cis, ail, lea, lac, ice, sec, sle, chi, lah, hel, asl, sea, lei, ale, hie, ash, als, cli, ies, sha, aec, sac, sic, ace, lie, ali, cia.

4 letter words made from clishae:

hale, siah, cahl, lace, esla, ilah, lash, seli, hail, seal, each, alih, case, icsh, aleh, cali, sahi, elhi, cseh, eash, heal, sail, hael, ices, cash, isle, ical, laie, ihle, elia, sihl, seha, lieh, sial, asch, sale, salh, lesh, laic, shia, heil, slah, hela, siel, lies, hice, siha, ieah, ashe, haei, eich, chie, ilha, sieh, ache, icse.

5 letter words made from clishae:

chela, chase, leash, cleis, chile, salie, celis, hiace, chail, lasch, hiles, chael, hilsa, laich, clash, chiel, hails, laces, chali, lechi, leich, leach, clase, schie, clise, cleah, iches, sahle, lices, lachi, acies, eisha, chale, cheia, elchi, scale, hasle, alesi, halic, heils, scail, slahi, hales, elsah, hecla, elahi, alcis, lesch, islah, ilhae, ceils, shale, lisch, sahli, hisel, ilhas, elash, haise, ailes, seach, cilea, echis, salei, aisle, aisch, eisch, aesch, schal, leish, hasel, hisle, hasli, alces, saleh, casei, shali, selic, chesa, cheil, schea, heals, asleh, clies, slice, scali, halis, cheli, ahles, elich, sicha.

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