What is the correct spelling for COAHC?

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Correct spelling for COAHC

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Possible correct spellings for coahc

  • ac 24, 3, 'Epigramma Plauti, quod dubitassemus an Plauti foret, nisi a M. Varrone positum esset in libro de poetis primo: "Postquam est mortem aptus Plautus, Comoedia luget, Scaena est deserta, ac dein Risus, Ludus Iocusque, et Numeri innumeri simul omnes conlacrimarunt."
  • ca It should be placed on a level with Le Voyage en Bretagne by the great Veuillot, in Ca et La.
  • cacao The quarrel lasted till the seventeenth century, by which time cacao had become an everyday necessity in Spain.
  • cache I'd run it on a big scale, and I'd cache my stuff in the cellars under the Meeting House.
  • cage Sam, who was busy rocking the cage, remained cheerfully absorbed in that occupation.
  • cake She makes it up to them by inviting them to an afternoon tea daily, with piles of cake and doughnuts.
  • car The aeroplane was fifty feet high then, but dropped to twenty just as the car pulled up outside a house.
  • cash 11,513. Are you paid for it in hosiery articles or in cash?
  • catch I left Lady Paget's to catch the 7 o'clock train.
  • caw It was the caw-caw of a crow and it came from the top of the wall, and when she looked up, there sat a big glossy-plumaged blue-black bird, looking down at her very wisely indeed.
  • cay It meant finding and passing a treacherous coral head north of the adjoining Frozen Cay.
  • cbc Barbados government-owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) operates the lone terrestrial television station; CBC also operates a multi-channel cable TV subscription service; roughly a dozen radio stations, consisting of a CBC-operated network alongside privately-owned radio stations, in operation (2007)
  • cc Experiment 41.-Burn a little S in a receiver of air containing 10 cc.
  • cfc Further information: Climate change in southeast Alaska The climate in Juneau and the southeast panhandle is a mid-latitude oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification Cfb) in the southern sections and an oceanic, marine subpolar climate (Köppen Cfc) in the northern parts.
  • chic She had been there when Chic, Junior was born.
  • choc Marseilles record for goals scored against Lyon is six and is held by Mamadou Niang, who has been with Marseille since 2004 and, at one point, had scored in four straight Choc des Olympiques.
  • clack Blackdown Mill or Cherry Clack Mill is a grade II listed smock mill at Punnetts Town, East Sussex, England, which has been restored.
  • cloaca The duct still, at this age, ends behind without having become attached to the cloaca, so that at this time the Oviduct is a canal closed behind, but communicating in front by a large opening with the pleuro-peritoneal cavity.
  • cloak "I can put my cloak and bonnet in here.
  • co Hutten, it would appear, attempted to enter into negotiations for the co-operation of the towns and of the peasants.
  • coach Whilst she yet spoke, the coach stopped at the door.
  • coal The coal cases had gone up to a higher court on appeal, and when the final decision was handed down, the "street" would be interested not in the question of John Lane's guilt or innocence, but in the more important question of whether the Supreme Court "would back up the President's campaign against capital."
  • coat Where are your coat and waistcoat, Harry?
  • coax Does she bring with her a basket of fair linen, shirts, kerchiefs, socks-not that wear any-to coax me?
  • coca When I was in the Puna, at the height of 14,000 feet above the level of the sea, I drank, always before going out to hunt, a strong infusion of coca leaves.
  • cocci A coccus (plural cocci) is any bacterium or archaeon that has a spherical, ovoid, or generally round shape.
  • coco Madame Bernard left them alone for an hour in the sitting-room and then came in to say good-bye to Giovanni herself, bringing Coco perched upon her wrist, but silent and well-behaved.
  • cocoa Among these we recognised the broad, dark heads of the bread-fruit, with its golden fruit; the pure, silvery foliage of the candle-nut, and several species which bore a strong resemblance to the pine; while here and there, in groups and in single trees, rose the tall forms of the cocoa-nut palms, spreading abroad, and waving their graceful plumes high above all the rest, as if they were a superior race of stately giants keeping guard over these luxuriant forests.
  • coda Bruckner structured the three lines of the text in an ABA da capo form, closed by a coda, with A containing the first line, framing the second and third.
  • cog To ~ Cog~, ~ Cogue~, v. a. To empty into a wooden vessel.
  • coho In southeast Alaska, coho jumped dams as high as two meters, were found above all beaver dams and had their highest densities in streams with beaver.
  • coke We found that we could not get on without a supply of the fuel essential to the smelting of pig iron; and a very thorough investigation of the question led us to the conclusion that the Frick Coke Company had not only the best coal and coke property, but that it had in Mr. Frick himself a man with a positive genius for its management.
  • cola "Ay, now-now what will happen? Excommunication! In the metropolis of the Church, too-the superstition of the people! Oh, Cola!"
  • colic Chevassat said a few words to his coachman, who whipped the horse, and there he was, promenading down the boulevard, turning his cane this way, puffing out big clouds of smoke, as if he had not the colic at the thought that his friend Bagnolet was following on his heels.
  • coma I continued in this pleasurable coma all the afternoon and went home refreshed.
  • comic He thrilled the British comic papers by his offer to buy the castle and move it to America.
  • conic Fruit large, regular, oblate or slightly conic; Surface waxy yellow, rarely shaded or blushed, becomes oily or greasy when kept.
  • coo He made a megaphone of his hands, and sent a long-drawn " Coo-ee" out to wake the echoes.
  • cook This person was the cook.
  • cooke "You're about my size, Cooke," Stuart said, "but you're not so broad in the chest."
  • cora "It's barely possible I didn't mention it," dropped Cora, scrupulously fair.
  • corgi Corgi Classics turned to British television for model ideas, and soon released models such as Mr.
  • cork When milk warm, bottle and cork it tightly.
  • cosh
  • couch
  • cougar
  • cow
  • coy
  • croak
  • goa
  • jack
  • jock
  • koch
  • CDC Congo, Democratic Republic of the bicameral legislature consists of a National Assembly (500 seats; 61 members elected by majority vote in single-member constituencies, 439 members elected by open list proportional-representation in multi-member constituencies; to serve five-year terms) and a Senate (108 seats; members elected by provincial assemblies to serve five-year terms) elections: National Assembly - last held 30 July 2006 (next to be held in 2011); Senate - last held 19 January 2007 (next to be held by 2012) election results: National Assembly - percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - PPRD 111, MLC 64, PALU 34, MSR 27, FR 26, RCD 15, independents 63, others 160 (includes 63 political parties that won 10 or fewer seats); Senate - percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - PPRD 22, MLC 14, FR 7, RCD 7, PDC 6, CDC 3, MSR 3, PALU 2, independents 26, others 18 (political parties that won a single seat)
  • Cor In the remission of sins, the terrors of sin and of eternal death, in the heart, must be overcome, as Paul testifies, 1 Cor.
  • Cai This was the first visit he had paid to the stranger's bedside; and even now he had only stepped in, at his assistant's request, from the next room, where for half an hour he had been engaged with Cai Tamblyn in choosing a position for the first case of butterflies.
  • CG Also, multi-cylinder engines with counter moving pistons have a CG height imbalance in a conrod swinging left on the top half of crank rotation, while another swings right on the bottom half, causing the top of the engine to move right while the bottom moves slightly to the left.
  • CAPH I was looking at the star Caph in Cassiopeia, which is the hour-hand of the clock, when suddenly a meteor flashed down the sky, and I realized that my submarine of a few moments before had been only the reflection of another shooting star.
  • crack

12 words made from the letters coahc

5 letter words made from coahc:

cacho, cocha, caoch, chaco, coach, accho.

4 letter words made from coahc:

3 letter words made from coahc:

oca, hao.

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