Correct spelling for COINCIOUS

We think the word coincious is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for coincious

  • Conscious(Definition of conscious)
  • Coincide(Definition of coincide)
  • At times the two methods coincide, and ideas evidently allied are expressed by forms evidently allied.

  • Cornices
  • Concourse(Definition of concourse)
  • King corny's funeral was followed by an immense concourse of people, on' horseback and on foot; men, women, and children: when they passed by the doors of cabins, a set of the women raised the funeral cry- not a savage howl, as is the custom in some parts of ireland, but chanting a melancholy kind of lament, not without harmony, simple and pathetic.

  • Noxious(Definition of noxious)
  • Confucius
  • Hard-Heartednesses
  • Capacious(Definition of capacious)
  • It was used occasionally for a letter to the nearest large city, and such a missive was generally followed by a parcel, which was stowed away at once in the capacious chest appointed for his use.

  • Conceits
  • A duodecimo of 'precious conceits,' bound in calf-skin-i know the man well; does he not dress decently, pelham?"

  • Concurs
  • The chief points of the doctrine, the prospect of the restoration of which has thus been the sustaining hope of the percipient faithful in all ages, may be summarised as follows:- the doctrine which, first and foremost, it is the purpose of the bible to affirm, and of the christ to demonstrate, and in which reason entirely concurs, is no other than that of the divine potentialities of man, belonging to him in virtue of the nature of his constituent principles, the force and the substance of existence.

  • Consciously(Definition of consciously)
  • Councils
  • Councilors
  • Concise(Definition of concise)
  • A word to my men on that floor brought them to the point threatened by this first attack, and i gave them swift, concise orders-no firing until they heard a signal shot from the front hall; then keep it up while there was a man standing in range; carbines first, after that revolvers, and keep down out of sight from below.

  • Coincides
  • The epoch, indeed, in which he became a naturalised phoenician coincides approximately with a fundamental revolution in the art of writing-that in which a simple and rapid stenography was substituted for the complicated and tedious systems with which the empires of the ancient world had been content from their origin.

  • Hardwearing
  • Concuss(Definition of concuss)

97 words made from the letters coincious

5 letter words made from coincious:

cious, cions, oicic, uncos, nucis, icons, conic, cusic, cosio, ionic, nisou, cioni, souci, unoci, cocis, cocus, socii, ciosu, coons, scion, coion, cinci, sconc, sonic, scoon, cocos, cuoco, isoun, nucci, sioni, couso, cusco, oinos, couns, onuci, incus, cicio, cisco.

3 letter words made from coincious:

iso, cio, uni, oui, nsu, icu, son, sou, con, uns, nsc, icc, coo, ono, sun, cos, sin, sic, ion, cns, cis, iou.

4 letter words made from coincious:

suon, cocu, unio, soon, iuni, osun, cisc, cons, icon, ciuc, iino, inui, sonu, sion, suoi, nuoc, nisi, suin, onus, coco, coin, coon, oons, nsui, nicu, unco, scun, nous, noio, coos, iuno, inus, iiun, onos, suco, cuon, osco.