Correct spelling for COMBATTING

We think the word combatting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for combatting

  • Lapidifies
  • Commanding
  • It was a grand old building, standing on a cross road about three miles from the turnpike, and commanding quite an extensive view of the country around.

  • Cohabiting
  • Nor is any body at all scrupulous about cohabiting with a young woman afterwards, though she has been in this manner abused.

  • Comforting
  • There was something catching, comforting, uplifting in the spectacle of that overbrimming content.

  • Lapidates
  • Combative
  • We argue that man is a fighting animal, and that in the days of the ring there was a recognised code of rules which regulated his conduct at times when the combative instinct was not to be restrained.

  • Combining
  • Their overwhelming numbers would enable them to turn any position, however formidable; and the only chance of success lay in keeping these numbers apart and in preventing them from combining.

  • Computing
  • Combating
  • A man of forethought using the press to spur parliament to fitly represent the people, and writing on his daily topics with strenuous original vigour, even though, like rockney, he sets the teeth of the celt gnashing at him, goes a step nearer to the bourne of pacification than press and parliament reflecting the popular opinion that law must be passed to temper ireland's eruptiveness; for that man can be admired, and the celt, in combating him, will like an able and gallant enemy better than a grudgingly just, lumbersome, dull, politic friend.

  • Commenting
  • And indeed terrace hill mansion was a very handsome place, exciting the envy and admiration of the villagers, who, while commenting upon its beauty and its well-kept grounds, could yet remember a time when it had looked better even than it did now-when the house was oftener full of city company, of sportsmen who came up to hunt, and fish, and drink, as it was sometimes hinted by the servants, of whom there was then a greater number than at present-when high-born ladies rode up and down in carriages, or dashed on horseback through the park and off into the leafy woods-when sounds of festivity were heard in the halls from year's end to year's end, and the lights in the parlors were rarely extinguished, or the fires on the hearth put out.

  • Combat
  • Their unnatural combat had stirred scores of smaller workers to the highest pitch of excitement.

  • Competing
  • The conspiracy defeated itself, however, with so many frantic sellers competing against each other and the news was out by the time the first of my new columns appeared in the intelligencer.

  • Combatant
  • Tom knew that, notwithstanding his non-combatant status, he was quite justified in drawing his pistol upon this fleeing boche, but before he had realized this the figure had gone too far to afford him much hope of success with the small weapon which he was not accustomed to.

  • Combine
  • While vast quantities are locked up in compounds in rocks, water, and salts of the earth, much remains with which there is nothing to combine.

  • Lapidating
  • Combing
  • As the sailor had said, any dark object of the size of a sixpence would be seen if presented above the smooth combing of snow-white sand; and it was evident to all that for one of them to look over it might lead to their being discovered.

  • Committing
  • "i have saved you from committing a great crime, which would have made you despised and hated by all white men," i exclaimed, with a boldness at which i myself was surprised.

  • Commuting
  • Friedman* (agnostic) – american physicist; in 1968–1969, commuting between mit and california, he conducted experiments with henry w.

  • Bombarding
  • The enemy was bombarding the town and the lines persistently.

  • Comporting

529 words made from the letters combatting

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