Correct spelling for COMMEMRATE

We think the word commemrate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for commemrate

  • Commemorative(Definition of commemorative)
  • I have sometimes thought that these words, "seulement le beau," might do as the commemorative epitaph of the greek race.

  • Commemorates
  • It is not prudent to ask an explanation of the peculiar mercy, or remorse, which this purgatorial strap commemorates.

  • Commiserate(Definition of commiserate)
  • They treated him both with meat and drink, seemed to commiserate his condition very much, and promised him that he should not want twelvepence a day, during the time in confinement.

  • Commemorated
  • She is not given an article in d.c.b., but there is a short notice of her in d.c.a., as commemorated in various martyrologies on august 11th.

  • Commemorator
  • Commemorate(Definition of commemorate)
  • The hollanders, on their part, struck several medals to commemorate the same event, some of which were not destitute of invention.

298 words made from the letters commemrate

3 letter words made from commemrate:

eec, atm, cot, mar, eta, ert, mac, oca, tea, com, cer, eat, tao, arm, ret, mao, oar, mom, ate, ore, tam, are, tee, mem, cat, mot, tec, cam, trm, cro, oct, aec, rot, era, toe, ect, ace, otc, tom, mam, rom, oat, etc, ram, tor, ecm, car, art, ear, roe, arc, mat, roc, rat, tar, crt, act, moa, ter, rem, ceo.

4 letter words made from commemrate:

5 letter words made from commemrate:

acter, crome, caere, romme, carme, arcee, arcot, terme, memet, cerae, merta, crame, meare, torme, comma, tomac, carmo, emmet, tamer, cameo, mcrae, tomam, corte, macro, carte, tomme, comer, react, teera, ramet, troma, mmatc, recto, meroe, crato, trace, rotec, crete, cerat, cream, amero, maemo, ramee, reate, coram, coeme, mcree, creem, tmema, mamee, recta, morat, oater, armee, treem, mecta, morte, retem, comae, trece, aceto, coate, remet, marmo, ramco, erato, remme, croat, emert, roate, amort, tammo, cater, aereo, terem, eramo, macer, ortac, metre, temor, taroc, armet, ratee, ramot, marot, reato, caroe, ommar, terao, tramo, temer, temme, morea, certa, mrema, metor, mtera, creta, meter, emote, comet, emmer, corta, tarmo, mamer, momma, oemar, romae, certo, comme, tecmo, ormea, carom, treco, orate, moret, actor, teare, mater, artec, merca, mcrea, caret, erect, mamre, termo, torma, maroc, tocar, metro, mamet, ameet, arete, morta, acree, eater, reema, crate, comte, morae, momme, meret, trema, acero, eamer, terce, recam, ameer, ormat, rocta, treme, moree.