Correct spelling for COMTION

We think the word comtion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for comtion

  • Common(Definition of common)
  • These are a common source of pride to you all, and you cannot decline the burdens of empire and still expect to share its honours.

  • Caption(Definition of caption)
  • He had gotten hold of the unfortunate moody, and under the caption, "der jail is oudt" he had written a racy, humorous account of a lady-fair with knockout drops, a resourceful romeo and a hoodwinked jailer.

  • Motion(Definition of motion)
  • "brother blank got up and walked with a lazy motion down the platform.

  • Cumin(Definition of cumin)
  • With that thai buskit thame on-ane: 364 and at the kyng thair leyf has tane, and went thaim furth syne on thair way. in-to kentyre soyn cumin ar thai: syne rowit all-wayis by the land, 368 till at the nycht wes neir at hand; than till arane thai went thair way, and saufly thair arivit thai.

  • Communion(Definition of communion)
  • 1849. on the understanding that no surrender of judgment would be involved, he was baptised and received his first communion in the episcopal church.

  • Combing(Definition of combing)
  • She was different from her sister, and never helped with the work, but spent the day combing her hair and catching butterflies.

  • Formation(Definition of formation)
  • Ludlow formation and fossils.

  • Gumption(Definition of gumption)
  • I'm not young, and i'm not pretty, and i'm not in love, but i've more gumption than you and burton have or ever will have.

  • Coalition(Definition of coalition)
  • Through the aid of his personal adherents, his "third party," he did for the tories in 1826-7, what peel did for them twenty years later-yielded to liberal opinions-split the party in twain-and formed a quasi coalition with his ancient opponents.

  • Commotions
  • It prevents that stagnation of business which generally precedes publick commotions.

  • Commotion(Definition of commotion)
  • It caused an unpleasant commotion in the duchess's saloon.

  • Combine(Definition of combine)
  • The two detachments which held the valley, his own force at mount jackson, and edward johnson's 2800 on the shenandoah mountain, were in close communication, and could at any time, if permitted by the higher authorities, combine against either of the columns which threatened staunton.

  • Cochin(Definition of cochin)
  • The first broods we hatched growed up with big husky cochin chiny bodies and little short necks, perched up on laigs three foot long.

  • Cremation(Definition of cremation)
  • The body, with that of the peshwa's son, received the usual honours of hindu cremation at the prayer of the nawab shujaa.

  • Locomotion(Definition of locomotion)
  • "locomotion is very easy.

  • Collation(Definition of collation)
  • You may be sure that if a convenient opportunity be afforded me for printing my letter to you of october, 1837, it shall, after collation with the original, be published.

  • Emotion(Definition of emotion)
  • Emotion overcame me; i retired from that long stoop.

  • Demotion
  • However, general manager dale tallon asserted that barkers demotion was not based on salary cap considerations.

  • Coming(Definition of coming)
  • I had no idea you were coming back until to-morrow.

  • Caution(Definition of caution)
  • When he turned round, boardman looked keenly at him, and asked, with an air of caution, "and so it's all up?"

  • Cation(Definition of cation)
  • The transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily v member 1 (trpv1), also known as the capsaicin receptor and the vanilloid receptor 1, is a protein that, in humans, is encoded by the trpv1 gene.

  • Commission(Definition of commission)
  • The major undertook the commission.

82 words made from the letters comtion

5 letter words made from comtion:

minoo, monot, conti, comon, ontic, nomoi, coton, tonic, monto, conto, comnt, imoto, oncom, coion, otomi, monic, nicot, comin, nooit, minto, monti, motoc, noomi, tonci, cinto, timoc, motoi, cimon.

3 letter words made from comtion:

mon, com, otc, cot, moo, cio, imo, ton, tic, coo, ion, con, mit, nim, oto, min, oct, ono, not, too, omo, tom, mot, nit, tin.

4 letter words made from comtion:

mono, itno, moot, noto, omit, tono, omon, coto, moon, icon, mint, toci, octo, otic, nomo, oont, coot, tion, oton, noio, itmo, nito, omni, mcot, coin, iton, mooi, coon, otim.