Correct spelling for COMUNAL

We think the word comunal is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for comunal

  • cambial
  • canal But, in another direction, at right angles almost to the distraught, unhappy, useless stream, a force superior to the force of instinct had traced a long, greenish canal, calm, peaceful, deliberate; that flowed steadily across the country, across the crumbling stones, across the obedient forest, on its clear and unerring, unhurrying way from its distant source on the horizon to the same tranquil, shining lake.
  • carnal For my part, after seeing every dish swept away from before me, with Christian fortitude becoming to the place, my carnal nature rose uppermost, and, seizing upon a plate of summer squash, I held on to it valiantly, while E. E. snatched a potatoe with its jacket on, from a flying dish, and Dempster wrestled with one of the saints for a plate of bread, as Jacob wrestled with the angels; only this saint was six feet high, wore a hood-brimmed straw hat, and carried off the plate of bread in his hands, after all.
  • clonal
  • colonel "The Admiral's in a bad way, sir," said the Colonel who rode up to meet the General.
  • colonial So King sent for the colonel, and then, "without losing an instant, a colonial vessel was immediately equipped and provided with as many scientific people as I could put into her, and despatched after Mons'r Baudin.
  • comical Mrs. Rossmore's astonishment on seeing her sister was almost comical.
  • coming It is coming, I think.
  • command And such as obey this command are called 'Anabaptists'!"
  • commingle
  • commonly
  • communal
  • communally
  • commune
  • compel
  • corneal
  • coronal
  • criminal
  • germinal
  • hormonal
  • hymnal
  • journal
  • nominal
  • seminal
  • Communed
  • comings
  • communes

148 words made from the letters comunal

4 letter words made from comunal:

lamu, caul, coln, maon, loan, loam, luma, monu, ouma, cola, coal, cuan, omul, aoun, noma, malo, mola, mlua, camo, moul, oman, anol, ucom, maun, clon, moan, uaoc, clam, unco, coma, moua, amon, ocal, laon, ulna, cuon, alou, muan, uman, luna, nuoc, mona, loum, mula, unal, culm, clan, calm, cual, noul, anlu, maul, noua, muon, onca, coua, alum, mcan, ulmo, naum, clun.

5 letter words made from comunal:

colma, camon, cloam, ulman, munlo, nomal, comun, alumn, monal, nocal, lanco, naoum, locum, mauno, lacon, lunca, canum, luoma, ocaml, oclan, uncal, louma, manul, calmo, macon, comal, olman, numac, nouma, cumol, moula, naoml, mulan, ancol, cuman, namco, lamon, calou, luman, anmol, malco, malon, manou, camou, omalu, lamno, onuma, lanum, canol, manco.

3 letter words made from comunal:

lcm, mac, cam, mol, cum, cul, lan, luo, con, man, col, anu, lao, mal, oca, uca, lac, mon, mao, moa, olm, can, lam, uma, ola, com.

6 letter words made from comunal:

column, comuna, conamu, maculo, mocanu, calmon, monaul, malcon, macoun, unocal, molnau.

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