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How to spell CONCEMS correctly?

If you often find yourself typing "concems" instead of "concerns", don't worry, it happens! Auto-correct won't always save the day, so here are three easy substitutes to consider: "concerns", "consents" or "consumes". Just stay mindful and proofread your writing to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell concems correctly

  • cancels The airline cancels flights if there are not enough passengers booked.
  • Cancers There are many different types of cancers that affect different areas of the body.
  • conceals He conceals his true feelings from his friends and family.
  • concedes After much debate, he finally concedes and agrees to compromise.
  • conceits His literary works were filled with elaborate conceits and intricate metaphors that captivated readers.
  • concerns Her concerns regarding the safety of the neighborhood prompted her to install a security system.
  • concerts I look forward to going to the concerts next week.
  • Condoms Condoms are a form of protection that can help prevent sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies.

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