Correct spelling for CONDATION

We think the word condation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for condation

  • Contagion(Definition of contagion)
  • Talents great and various assisted to spread the contagion.

  • Carnation(Definition of carnation)
  • "i know you think there never was and never will be, mrs. yocomb," i cried, controlling myself with difficulty, for the old gentleman's manner was irresistibly droll and instead of the pallor that used to make my heart ache, miss warren's face was like a carnation rose.

  • Recondition
  • , one of the largest breakers in the united kingdom in the 1930s, would recondition and sell all furniture and machinery.

  • Contrition(Definition of contrition)
  • Such men, who live in the open, and trumpet their triumphs there, need, too, to howl their confessions from the housetop, carve their contrition, like the wisdom of asoka, on the immemorial rocks as an outcry to the generations."

  • Contention(Definition of contention)
  • These are merely the vicissitudes of the great contention we are engaged in.

  • Conduction(Definition of conduction)
  • We may surmise that in any case both methods will be in use, but the one will predominate; for instance, in heating by an open fire radiation will predominate, and in heating by stoves and radiators conduction will predominate.

  • Fecundation(Definition of fecundation)
  • M. duhousset took particular notice of the artificial fecundation of the fig-tree, a curious operation totally unknown in france.

  • Foundation(Definition of foundation)
  • This is the tradition of the foundation of wallachia.

  • Condition(Definition of condition)
  • We shall learn to keep the child under the best condition possible.

  • Conditions
  • It is certain that villeneuve at trafalgar fought under more favourable conditions than in the conflict of july 22nd.

  • Contain(Definition of contain)
  • A short repentance will be sufficient for them to be the first in heaven; for their sins, without malice and without joy, contain their own forgiveness.

  • Conditioner(Definition of conditioner)
  • Biotex – laundry detergent block & white – whitening lotion, soap and deodorant (philippines, acquired from sara lee philippines in 2010) breeze - laundry detergent (philippines, singapore, malaysia and thailand) brilhante – laundry detergent (brazil) brisk – hair-styling products for men (southeast asia, north america) brylcreem – hair-styling products for men caress – soap cif – cleaning products citra – womens hand and body lotion, beauty soap, and scrubs (indonesia, thailand, malaysia and the middle east) clear – anti-dandruff, scalp care shampoo and conditioner (china, southeast asia, australia, romania, pakistan, poland, south africa, hungary, united states, canada, latin america) clinic – dandruff shampoo close-up – toothpaste coccolino – softener (hungary, italy, croatia, poland, romania) comfort cream silk – conditioner (philippines) degree – deodorant (united states and canada) dero (romania and vietnam) dimension (southeast asia, south asia, middle east, north america, south america) dollar shave club – razors and other personal grooming products direct to consumer by mail (united states) domestos – bleach (australia, bulgaria, czech republic, france, germany, hungary, indonesia, israel, italy, poland, romania, russia, south africa, spain, turkey and the united kingdom) (vim in vietnam) (domex in the philippines) dove – skin care, hair care, and deodorant dove spa dusch das – shower gels and deodorants (germany) elidor – hair care (turkey) eskinol – womens facial care (philippines, acquired from sara lee in 2010) fair & lovely – skin lightening product (available in india, malaysia, indonesia, singapore, brunei and timor leste) fds – skin care range gessy (brazil) – soap glorix (netherlands) good morning – soap (egypt) impulse – deodorant and body spray ioma – premium skin care range lakmé – cosmetics lever 2000 – soap lifebuoy – soap (discontinued in the philippines in 2008) living proof: prestige hair care brand linic – dandruff shampoo (portugal) lux – womens soap, shower gel, and lotions (caress in the united states) lynx – mens deodorant lysoform – home care (italy) the master – mens facial care (philippines, acquired from sara lee in 2010) matey – childrens bubble bath mentadent – toothpaste (except for north america) minerva – laundry and dishwasher detergents (brazil) mist – soap (egypt) neutral – laundry detergent noxzema – skin care range omo (australia, switzerland, liechtenstein, south africa, norway, brazil and chile) – laundry detergent organics – shampoo and conditioner pears transparent soap pepsodent – dental (outside of the united states) (p/s in vietnam) persil (malaysia, singapore, ireland, united kingdom, france, new zealand) (omo in vietnam) ponds prodent – toothpaste quix – dishwashing liquid (chile) q-tips – cotton swabs radox – shower gels and bubble bath regenerate – toothpaste rexona – deodorant (latin america, europe [except uk and ireland], asia [except india and japan], australia and new zealand; known in japan as rexena) rin  – laundry detergent (india) rinso (except the united states) robijn – softener seventh generation – home and personal care products including bobble sedal – shampoo and conditioner (spanish-speaking latin american countries; known in brazil as seda) shield – deodorant (south africa) signal – toothpaste simple – skin and body care range skip – laundry detergent sr – toothpaste st ives – hand and body care suave sun – dishwasher detergent sunlight sunsilk (sedal in spanish-speaking latin american countries, seda in brazil) – shampoo and conditioner sure – deodorant (united kingdom, ireland and india) surf – laundry detergent surf excel – laundry detergent (india, pakistan, bangladesh and sri lanka) swan soap (defunct) thermasilk – shampoo and conditioner tholl – skin care tigi – shampoo and conditioner for hair salons timotei – shampoo and conditioner toni & guy – hair care range tresemmé – hair care range (argentina, australia, brazil, canada, chile, denmark, finland, india, indonesia, mexico, norway, new zealand, philippines, south africa, spain, sweden, thailand, united kingdom and united states) ultrex – dandruff shampoo (greece) vaseline – body lotion, shower gel, deodorant (vasenol in portugal, brazil, italy, spain and mexico) vibrance – shampoo and conditioner vim (bangladesh, canada, india, pakistan) vinólia – soap (brazil) viso – laundry detergent (vietnam and indonesia) wheel (india) white beauty – skin lightening cream williams – mens care vo5 – hair care/styling (except the united states) xedex zendium – toothpaste zhonghua – toothpaste zwitsal – baby care range (netherlands and indonesia) unilever professional, – professional markets (home and personal care) source:

  • Conditional(Definition of conditional)
  • Maria louisa's proclamation was dated the 4th of april, on the evening of which day napoleon signed the conditional abdication, with the fate of which the reader has already been made acquainted.

  • Contortion(Definition of contortion)
  • For an instant he felt that the struggle, was causing a queer contortion of his mobile features, but with a good effort he resolved it into nothing more offensive than a merry smile.

  • Notation(Definition of notation)
  • Primitive music, as we find it in the undeveloped indians and australasians, is often too complex to be expressed by our regular notation.

  • Conditioned(Definition of conditioned)
  • That the revolution was bound to come about, and that its beginnings were equally bound to be at boston, these were conditioned in the nature, first of the colonists in general, and second of the new englanders in particular.

  • Conurbation(Definition of conurbation)
  • The city lies on the southern edge of gdańsk bay (of the baltic sea), in a conurbation with the city of gdynia, spa town of sopot, and suburban communities, which together form a metropolitan area called the tricity (trójmiasto), with a population approaching 1.

  • Contusion(Definition of contusion)
  • Had the landlord himself been the party ejected, this might or might not have been a satisfactory proceeding, according to the light in which he might be disposed to regard a contusion or a fracture.

  • Confutation(Definition of confutation)
  • Having thus stated the positive ground of belief, in our spiritual identity, i proceeded to consider the negative evidence which might arise from the confutation of the objections urged against it,-objections drawn from the supposed incompatibility of the changes of our mental affections, with that strict absolute identity of substance, to which nothing can have been added, and from which nothing can have been taken away.

  • Condign(Definition of condign)
  • She confessed herself a pretender and suffered "condign punishment."

  • Commendation(Definition of commendation)
  • He spoke of her to sir lukin in london with commendation.

  • Connotation(Definition of connotation)
  • But though the thought that desert, and not descent, is the test for nobility, is so obvious in the days when position carried with it so strong a connotation of power, and when the upper strata of society bore down so hard and haughtily upon the lower, we always feel satisfaction in coming upon a trim statement of the fine old commonplace whose best mediaeval expression we can quote from a poet of our own language:

246 words made from the letters condation

4 letter words made from condation:

doot, codo, oita, todi, inca, oont, noto, cant, iota, onni, anti, nono, dono, acid, nano, ondo, iodo, tono, anio, dant, dinn, nina, nian, coto, dita, diat, coon, toci, doon, coin, conn, ciao, tido, tion, otic, noon, icon, aoid, dint, ooid, donc, tian, odin, taco, dano, onca, oton, coot, cain, inoa, doto, nodi, nona, onno, tiao, toda, icao, nito, indo, adit, iton, toad, nato, octo, odio, coda, annd, noio, nido, onon, taon, itno, doin, coat, octa.

3 letter words made from condation:

dit, ant, tai, don, cio, ado, cia, dia, ono, tod, cat, doc, cot, act, can, oct, ida, dna, nit, nad, con, tan, not, dot, cad, oto, tad, ani, tin, otc, iod, oca, tia, inn, too, din, dat, tao, doa, tic, ton, ain, ion, coo, ido, aid, nan, nod, oat.

5 letter words made from condation:

danin, canto, canon, coati, dinon, conon, danic, todai, atoni, donna, actin, dicto, naito, coton, anoto, ciona, ticao, coion, nicod, diact, caito, codon, nadon, actio, natio, diaco, nidan, donta, dioon, cinto, daito, aidoo, intan, ditan, anino, cotan, notin, ation, nicot, donot, cinta, datin, nicad, aiono, doina, conto, caion, tanon, conti, anion, nooit, otaci, dinan, ondon, danco, onoda, nonad, ionno, toica, dotan, caton, octad, otani, octan, ianto, iacon, danto, onion, natin, aodin, tanni, ocain, nonia, tondi, toona, canoo, aiton, niton, tiano, oando, danti, donan, tonna, nanto, nicon, indan, tanno, dinna, canio, tonci, dicot, noica, anido, canid, danio, ocado, doona, cinna, ninoa, ootid, tocai, idant, tinca, canno, ontic, tonin, ciano, iodan, adoni, antic, cotai, cando, tanco, cinoa, nooni, conta, tandi, tonic, canot, condo, inano, niota.