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How to spell CONDENCED correctly?

If you're looking for the correct replacement for "condenced", the word you are likely searching for is "condensed". This term refers to something made denser or more concentrated. Double-checking your spelling and using tools like spell check can help ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell condenced correctly

  • cadenced The sound of her voice had a gentle, cadenced rhythm that was quite soothing.
  • condense I had to condense my research paper into a two-page summary for the conference.
  • condensed
  • condenser The air conditioning unit's condenser cools and condenses the refrigerant gas.
  • condenses As the temperature drops, the steam in the air condenses into droplets of water.
  • condescend I will not condescend to your level of disrespect.
  • Condoned
  • Conduced The main road conduced us to the highway.
  • Contended The athlete contended for the gold medal in the Olympic Games.
  • contented After a long day's work, I felt contented and satisfied with what I had accomplished.
  • convinced After reading the book, she was convinced that the character was innocent.

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