Correct spelling for CONDIRED

We think the word condired is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for condired

  • Countered
  • Concurred
  • The nobility and gentry fully concurred in those proceedings of the clergy, and the nation afterward ratified them in a general convention held at kilkenny, in the subsequent month of october.

  • Centred(Definition of centred)
  • I know where your affections are centred in this ship.

  • Foundered(Definition of Foundered)
  • Yet he felt that he could not do the right thing now, he could not go and deal with the expedient victuals, neither might he dare intrude upon the ladies now; so he went out to comfort himself by attending to the troubles of his foundered horse, and by shedding unseen among the trees the tears which had gathered in his gentle eyes.

  • Pondered
  • Cornered(Definition of cornered)
  • She slipped little pink three-cornered notes under his door, entreating him to make appointments with her, or tenderly inquiring how he would like to see her hair dressed at dinner on that day.

  • Candied(Definition of candied)
  • She does all the housework, takes care of me when i can't help myself, does the mending, many things for father, and makes the quilts, preserves, candied orange peel, and the other little things we sell.

  • Contrived(Definition of contrived)
  • "ah, but how have i contrived not to tell all the world?

  • Candid(Definition of candid)
  • "you have always been candid.

  • Conduced
  • Best of mind and thankfulness of heart had conduced to refreshing repose, and the brightness of the new day was reflected in every face.

  • Conferred
  • Thus much is well known, that he was no less than forty-five several times chosen general, he being never on any one of those occasions present at the election, but having the command, in his absence, by common suffrage, conferred on him, and he sent for on purpose to undertake it.

  • Endured
  • It spoke in language too plain to be mistaken-too strong to be endured.

  • Connoted(Definition of Connoted)
  • Condoled
  • I condoled with the poor fellow, and rode back to the laager.

  • Kindred(Definition of kindred)
  • During the conversation between the cousins, the two men, who were the chief subjects of it, were engaged in a dialogue of a somewhat kindred character.

  • Hundred(Definition of hundred)
  • They sometimes last two hundred years.

  • Contrite(Definition of contrite)
  • The texan's expression was properly contrite; his voice all diffidence.

  • Continued(Definition of continued)
  • "light, more light," was his continued cry.

  • Cantered
  • But fortune helped him by sending the man back earlier than usual for the evening meal, and when he cantered up after an absence of ten minutes, he lost no more time.

  • Conjured
  • It would have been very nice to fight one's way through the desert in the midst of every kind of beast and monster which the gloomy imagination of men may have conjured up from the beginning of the annals of adventure and travel; this would have made these pages undoubtedly very "stirring and exciting."

  • Contoured
  • Wondered(Definition of Wondered)
  • Once more he wondered.

  • Construed
  • Candled
  • Candide
  • Candide recoiled in disgust.

  • Cindered
  • Condoned
  • So far the common tendency to confuse "seeking out the enemy's fleet" with "making the enemy's coast your frontier" may be condoned.

  • Conquered
  • I drew her towards me, and embraced her, and as i felt her kisses answer mine, i said,- "you have conquered."

  • Contained(Definition of contained)
  • She hardly knew the names of twenty books out of the hundreds of millions that the world contained.

  • Conrad
  • Conrad cannot have it."

  • Considered(Definition of considered)
  • The best, perhaps, that can be said of him is that, on the whole, all things considered, he might have been worse.

  • Contorted(Definition of contorted)
  • O jervase helwyse, said the voice-and as it spoke the figure contorted itself, struggling to hide its blasted face-look not now on the woman you once loved!

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