Correct spelling for CONECTED

We think the word conected is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for conected

  • canted When killed, the animal is towed to the vessel and fastened on the port side, belly uppermost, and head towards the stern; it is then stripped of its blubber, the body being canted by tackles till all parts are cleared.
  • collected A small crowd had collected at the gate; a Lakenhall policeman was waiting in the trap.
  • conceded "You've got it," conceded the gambler, easily.
  • conceited He was not by nature a conceited fellow, but so many mothers and fathers of so many demoiselles had approached him with a view to an alliance for those daughters, that it had never really entered his head that, when the time came for him to make a decision in choice of a wife, he would be refused.
  • concerted I went home in a melancholy and reflective mood, wondering whether the whole had been concerted; but I concluded that this was impossible, as neither Branicki nor Binetti could have foreseen the impoliteness and cowardice of Tomatis.
  • conducted Their hearts were touched by the respectful ceremony with which Herr Dremmel had conducted his betrothal.
  • congested Going round the bluff trail, the wheels had only a foot of room to spare; and the sheer descent into the red, turbid, congested river was terrifying.
  • connect "I have more than a suspicion that this man is seeking to connect you with his brother's death and is making use of a certain half-knowledge he possesses to get a hold over you.
  • connected Besides, neither Jack, nor MacFarlane, nor anybody connected with Jack, had an account at the Exeter.
  • converted
  • convicted
  • corrected
  • Concocted You're figuring on its having been a carefully concocted scheme?
  • Concreted There was proof of this on the banks of the river, where there was a sort of breakwater of concreted cinders, slag, and other things, making a combination harder than stone.
  • Confuted This, my lords, is, in my opinion, a very just apology; nor do I see, that this vindication can be confuted or invalidated, otherwise than by showing, that some different measures, measures equally reasonable, were equally in our power.
  • Connoted Jerusalem was for many centuries regarded as the admeasured centre of the whole earth, and doubtless every saintuaire was originally the local centre: in Crete there has been discovered a small shrine at Gournia "situated in the very centre of the town," and with the mysterious pits of elsewhere may be connoted the "three walled pits," nearly 25 feet deep, which remain at the northern entrance of Knossus: the only explanation which has been suggested for these constructions is that "they may have been oubliettes".
  • Counted
  • contacted I think it could be argued, however, that the uniqueness of this individual case was such that the Department of State might well have contacted the Central Intelligence Agency to keep them abreast of the developments as they transpired.
  • reconnected
  • conked A two-gallon jar of extra-special detergent, used only for laces, conked him and smashed on the floor before him. It added to the stream of fluid already flowing with singular directness for the open, double, back-door of the workroom.

95 words made from the letters conected

5 letter words made from conected:

donee, cenco, odeen, nocte, neeco, tende, toned, dence, noted, ecton, ctene, tenco, oncet, cente, eneco, coted, coden, doten, netco, tendo, ceedo, tence, teneo, ceceo, tecno, cnote, dente.

4 letter words made from conected:

3 letter words made from conected:

end, dec, neo, ent, ene, ted, cot, doe, nec, dot, otc, den, one, tec, etc, ode, ten, net, tod, doc, ceo, not, edo, eec, ect, tee, nod, oed, eon, toe, con, nee, ton, oct, don, ecc.

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