Correct spelling for CONFLIST

We think the word conflist is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for conflist

  • Conflate(Definition of conflate)
  • ” the inquirer subsequently interviewed catholic democrats’ president steve krueger, and reported this exchange of views with archbishop chaput: “while there's nothing wrong with a catholic bishop being a republican or a democrat,” krueger said, “there's something eerily unsettling when the archbishops political affiliation and the teaching authority he rightfully claims conflate, so that he becomes more of a partisan political figure than a shepherd.

  • Convulsed
  • The emperor was convulsed with laughter.

  • Kingliest
  • My boy, the game that's big and bright, the game that stands all games above, and towers to such a glorious height, deserves the summit of your love! is this a time for dapper spats, when foes arrive to test our worth? beg pardon of your gloves and bats, and play the kingliest game on earth!

  • Novelist(Definition of novelist)
  • Be that as it may, there can be no doubt that the novelist very freely used many of the circumstances connected with her aunt's remarkable career.

  • Confessed
  • "to speak the truth," lilly confessed, "it did at first."

  • Conflict(Definition of conflict)
  • As long as we worked together with only africa in mind, there was no conflict.

  • Conflates
  • She thinks that celebrating book banning week conflates issues of book censorship in a public library versus a school library were actual cases of censorship are rather minimal.

  • Convulse(Definition of convulse)
  • She had sunk down into the chair, with her forehead pressed against the back; a shudder seemed to convulse her slight frame.

  • Confluent(Definition of confluent)
  • Following the range to the right for the distance of twenty-five miles, the eye rests upon that singular depression where, formed by the confluent streams of the madison, jefferson and gallatin, the mighty missouri commences its meanderings to the gulf.

  • Conflated
  • The narrative of la sales ballad becomes conflated with the name of tannhäuser in german folklore of the early 16th century.

  • Confused(Definition of confused)
  • To which question ester made no sort of answer, but sat looking confused, ashamed and annoyed all in one.

  • Conformist(Definition of conformist)
  • Mr. carey was a tall, portly personage who, from his bearing and costume might readily have been mistaken for a non-conformist minister of local importance.

  • Journalist(Definition of journalist)
  • The journalist shrugged his shoulders.

219 words made from the letters conflist

5 letter words made from conflist:

flint, folts, ficos, const, olins, filon, flits, tolin, lints, tilos, oslin, lifts, icons, foist, fonts, oints, clios, fisto, flots, isnot, cinto, fonic, folic, clito, iscol, sonic, stoic, clits, sifon, lotic, sitno, tonic, foins, listo, coils, lofts, nolfi, nicot, foils, cnosf, confs, sonti, liton, solin, fotis, fcntl, flics, tonci, scoil, tonis, silot, losin, cions, fonti, clots, sncft, filst, finot, stoln, coifs, lotfi, clons, tions, infos, flstn, fison, scion, tinos, solti, ontic, coits, tsion, ifnot, loins, conti, isoft, tosin, toils, lisco.

3 letter words made from conflist:

con, cns, sic, tnf, otc, nit, ifc, nil, ion, nsc, oft, cli, tlc, ton, cot, fin, tic, col, ilo, sit, fit, cis, sol, tin, son, cst, lit, oct, oil, sot, lin, lot, sif, iso, sin, not, cio, cos.

6 letter words made from conflist:

foltin, locsin, clifts, tilson, clonts, tocsin, filson, scinto, contis, tonsil, tonics, ncsoft, liston, noctis, clints, sifton, softic, lifton, flints, filton, loftin, lifson, colins.

4 letter words made from conflist:

7 letter words made from conflist:

conflit, confits.