Correct spelling for CONSUERS

We think the word consuers is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for consuers

  • Consuelo
  • The hours passed very slowly during the next day, and even when the appointed time had come, orsino allowed another quarter of an hour to go by before he entered the hotel and ascended to the little sitting-room in which maria consuelo received.

  • Conquers
  • Her smile was so charming in its very fatuity that the vision of her lovely face, vulgarized and unrecognizable in "faith conquers fear," filled me with redoubled exasperation.

  • Concurs
  • I have therefore respectfully to request that you will lay the matter before the president, that if he concurs in the propriety of so doing he may give his own and ask the consent of the senate to the proposed proceeding.

  • Congers
  • At length we fell upon a contrivance for curing conger eels, by splitting them, taking out their backbones, dipping them in sea-water, and then drying them in a great smoke; but as no other fish could be cured in a similar manner, our fishers were directed to catch as many congers as they could.

  • Consumer(Definition of consumer)
  • On cotton goods, the consumer pays a duty of from thirty-five to sixty-three per cent.

  • Considers
  • Mr. thomson, however, considers that this mixture is not so good or so cheap as ice alone, or a mixture of ice and common salt.

  • Unfluent
  • Confers
  • The government of the united states derives its existence from the same source, and exercises its functions by the will of the same sovereignty that creates and confers authority upon the state governments.

  • Consuls
  • Four hundred years afterwards, when publius cornelius and marcus baebius were consuls, a great fall of rain took place, and the torrent washed away the earth and exposed the coffins.

  • Conifers
  • And also it is very pleasant this morning to shut your eyes that you may the better inhale the fine brew of the conifers, the reek of the wild roses, the pungent wafture of the mint from the meadows, and above all, the subtle incense of the warm spawning soil.

  • Consumers
  • In as far as the tax might affect consumers, it would be an equal tax, but in as far as it would affect profits, it would be a partial tax; for it would neither operate on the landlord nor on the stockholder, since they would continue to receive, the one the same money rent, the other the same money dividends as before.

  • Censers
  • A learned cairene informed me that these spires were devised by the eccentric monarch to disperse, like large censers, fragrant smoke over the city during the hours of prayer.

  • Cancers
  • He creates cancers to feed upon their flesh-their quivering nerves-serpents, to fill their veins with venom,-beasts to crunch their bones-to lap their blood.

  • Consumes
  • This impression has grown out of the fact that the whole process frequently consumes twelve hours and must in such an event include some part of the night.

229 words made from the letters consuers

5 letter words made from consuers:

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3 letter words made from consuers:

nsu, con, one, sur, sun, cns, eos, sse, urn, uro, nec, uns, esr, rue, sue, cue, cur, cer, sen, nsc, neo, sec, use, roc, nrc, ern, sos, run, son, res, ron, cro, roe, eon, sus, sou, ceo, cos, ore.

4 letter words made from consuers:

once, cuss, euro, sues, corn, roue, ouen, scen, eous, ussr, oseu, cone, core, coss, sour, sore, rune, ross, ruen, roen, ourn, coen, suos, user, unco, oure, usen, eros, cero, suor, nero, nuer, uses, ueno, ness, cure, ecru, noer, rues, osun, uner, sone, noce, urns, crus, orne, osen, seor, rous, seso, nose, sure, sens, cuon, runs, cons, scun, cron, suco, uren, nous, reno, ruse, onur, crue, enur, sonu, suen, coue, onus, runo, eons, suer, rose, suro, nuoc, neus, suon, renu, oser.