Correct spelling for CONTRON

We think the word contron is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for contron

  • Contrail
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  • Contrite
  • This was her story, told amid contrite tears and shame as andy proved to her that dewey was after her three thousand dollars, and would have escaped with it only for his decisive action.

  • Cantering
  • The major he came cantering past, she bustled out to see,- 'o, major!

  • Countdown
  • The countdown ticked by. suddenly his hand closed a switch, transmitting the rescue beam.

  • Constrain
  • In whatever way an operation may be disguised, whatever forms we may constrain a value to take, whatever metamorphosis we may make it undergo, we can only have a value by creating it, or by taking it from others.

  • Condone
  • His features were remarkably regular, and though his face was somewhat small, there could be no doubt that he was extremely good looking, especially to a woman's eye, who would be more apt than a fellow man to condone something a little supercilious in his smile.

  • Contemn
  • It is hardly consistent with the pursuit of literature or art for its own sake, since a desire to do what others do, and avoid what others contemn, excludes private and independent choice, except where the natural bias is irresistibly strong.

  • Contrary
  • On the contrary, she would be miserable without them."

  • Condition
  • At present it is said to be in better condition.

  • Contrive
  • Can't you contrive that affair, girl?

  • Centurion
  • Twenty slaves, many camels, and even two horses belonged to him, and the centurion in command of the imperial garrison, the gaul phoebicius, and his wife sirona, lived as lodgers under his roof; not quite to the satisfaction of the councillor, for the centurion was no christian, but a worshipper of mithras, in whose mysteries the wild gaul had risen to the grade of a 'lion,' whence his people, and with them the pharanites in general, were wont to speak of him as "the lion."

  • Canteen
  • Schnitzel's no worse than the president nor the canteen contractor."

  • Contortion
  • It had fitted him badly on the first occasion he had tried it on, and now, by a slight contortion of his supple body, the actor made the misfit ridiculously apparent.

  • Contrition
  • Linda saw herself on her knees before him, before his patience and generosity, sobbing her contrition into his forgiving hands.

  • Neutron
  • Measuring a neutron electric dipole moment at a much higher level than predicted by the standard model would therefore directly confirm this suspicion and improve our understanding of cp-violating processes.

  • Coltrane
  • While the bass clarinet has been used often since dolphy, it is typically used by a saxophonist or clarinetist as a second or third instrument; such musicians include david murray, marcus miller, john surman, john gilmore, bob mintzer, john coltrane (to whom dolphy's mother left some of dolphys instruments including his bass clarinet), brian landrus, james carter, steve buckley, andy biskin, don byron, julian siegel, gunter hampel, michel portal, and chris potter.

  • Contagion
  • And then roused by the contagion of david's fearless enthusiasm, and by the excitement of trusting a mere boy to give battle to the great goliath, saul, with his own hand, dressed david in his own suit of armour for the encounter, giving him his heavy coat of mail, his glittering brass helmet, and even bound his own sword at david's side.

  • Country
  • Would you like to know something of the country whence come these furs?

  • Control
  • I will give into her keeping also the making of the race, and thus the control of the destiny of the world.

  • Contusion
  • There was something written in his face (a dark contusion, in fact, under the left eye) which told me that he could not be a pure and high-souled christian gentleman.

  • Kenton
  • Kenton was amazed, and then consoled, and then afflicted that ellen was not disgusted with it; and in his conferences with his wife he fumed and fretted at his own culpable folly, and tried to get back of the time he had committed it, in that illusion which people have with trouble that it could somehow be got rid of if it could fairly be got back of; till the time came when his wife could no longer share his unrest in this futile endeavor.

  • Canton
  • Large, commodious, well fitted up, but in their exterior very unwieldy river steamers, built after american designs, now run between hong kong and canton.

  • Contain
  • Suppose all the other plasmoids put together don't contain enough information to show how the old galactics produced the things and got them to operate."

  • Countering
  • A report compiled by the coordination forum for countering anti-semitism singled out france in particular among western countries for antisemitism.

  • Centring
  • The centring and hollowing once mastered, the chief difficulties to avoid are getting the bottom of the walls too thin before the top is pulled up, and making the top wavy and irregular.

  • Condign
  • The governor-general, on his side, knew well what was the meaning of this mission of medina-coeli, and no sooner was the army of orange dispersed than he determined, while the reins of power were still in his hands, to visit the rebellious towns of the north with condign vengeance.

67 words made from the letters contron

3 letter words made from contron:

nrc, coo, rot, cro, ono, not, too, con, ton, otc, oct, roc, ron, cot, oto, tor, crt.

4 letter words made from contron:

onon, oort, coon, roco, noon, nono, octo, oont, cron, orto, corn, conn, onno, orno, root, toor, norn, rono, oton, otro, tono, coot, noto, torn, rotc, coto.

5 letter words made from contron:

coron, conon, corto, conto, toroc, coton, corot, noort, ntoro, troon, torno, oncor, ronon, trono, croon, tronc, toron, roton.

6 letter words made from contron:

croton, corton, cornon, nocton, contro.

7 letter words made from contron: