Correct spelling for CONTUNUING

We think the word contunuing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for contunuing

  • Confining(Definition of confining)
  • The enemy's attitude indicated that he was confining himself to the defence of that position.

  • Contusing
  • Contouring
  • The process requires a commitment on the part of the patient who must stay with the program through bariatric surgery, during the 18 months required for weight loss, then the body contouring procedures and recovery.

  • Containing
  • Stipe more or less elongated, the interior containing roundish vesicles which become smaller upward, and gradually pass into the normal spores.

  • Condensing(Definition of condensing)
  • For among the recent wonders of science had been the invention of an air- condensing machine, by which the rarefied atmosphere of the upper regions could be converted into good food for the lungs.

  • Contending(Definition of contending)
  • Sir lionel smith, the governor, proceeds from district to district, giving advice to both of the contending parties, and striving to promote a mutual understanding.

  • Contenting
  • I doubt miss setsu-ko adapting herself to her father's ideal of unassertive femininity, or contenting herself with being merely a household chattel, subservient to mother and father-in-law, her knowledge of the world circumscribed by kanbara's "greater knowledge for women."

  • Condoning
  • But if he had been so wrong, why in the world did van rycke sit there trading, condoning the error and making it into a crime for which they could be summoned before the board and struck off the rolls of the service?

  • Continuing
  • From that time, the weather continuing moderate, he made rapid progress, and the week following judged himself equal to a long walk.

  • Contemning
  • However, on being brought to trial, he said that he now pleaded not guilty, that he might avoid the appearance of contemning death-an appearance not suitable to his present condition; that, on second thoughts, he had considered the plea of guilty as rendering him accessory to a second peril of his life; and that he thought that he could pay his debt more effectually to the justice of the country by suffering his offences to be proved by evidence, and submitting to the forms of a regular trial.

  • Counting(Definition of counting)
  • Convening
  • Conducing
  • The strictly professional man may have overcome his natural aversion to some of the most interesting objects of his study, such as snakes, and toads, and spiders, and vermin of all kinds; but people in general have always required that any attempt to force such abominations upon their notice should be preceded by a more or less elaborate and humble acknowledgment of their hideous aspect, their ferocious disposition, their dark and bloody deeds, and the utter impossibility of their conducing in any way to human comfort and convenience.

194 words made from the letters contunuing

4 letter words made from contunuing:

nunu, cgnu, innu, cuit, nonu, unio, noun, nonn, cuon, gonu, nito, gonn, gunt, igno, uuno, unco, ting, oung, unti, utug, ning, onni, nunn, tuni, nout, cunt, iuno, igon, unit, ungo, ugni, gout, ogin, nicu, toci, nuit, tung, togi, tuin, goit, uict, nuoc, ngoi, nong, nunc, goti, cing, itno, nuon, guti, tugu, conn, iong, tuno, ungu, nung, tion, uong, tuoi, icon, guto, nuno, otic, toun, cung, gutu, ngon, cnut, iton, unni, cuti, gion, coin.

5 letter words made from contunuing:

iunno, cuong, nonni, citgo, nguon, notin, onuci, ingot, untin, nguni, oguni, nguoi, gonin, tuong, cuing, guiot, niton, coing, nicon, nunno, gouin, ontic, coign, nigon, conti, tunng, inonu, gunto, cuito, togni, tigon, intuc, coutu, incut, cinto, uncut, tunic, toing, ngoni, unoci, nigun, ninon, oning, count, tonin, tonci, guion, tincu, nintu, uninc, tingo, gutin, nutin, tugun, gonic, nicot, ionut, union, tonic, tiong.

3 letter words made from contunuing:

otc, nig, gnu, tun, utu, tin, uni, out, nit, not, gui, cio, oui, nut, cut, nun, gut, inn, cog, cot, tiu, iou, tic, icu, utc, ton, gun, ion, ngu, oct, tog, con, nog, tug, gin.

6 letter words made from contunuing:

guinto, coting, coning, nuncio, uutoni, cuting, untung, outgun, inunct, outing, counit, gunton, onning, guinot, tinnon, ington, tuning, cugnot, ningun, uncoin, cutino.

7 letter words made from contunuing:

inconnu, cutugno, cunting, unction, cunning.