Correct spelling for CORBA

We think the word corba is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for corba

  • cab And, I thought, while I was about it, I might as well get her a cab also.
  • carboy He was much disturbed by the difficult problem thus thrust upon him. Dr. Carboy, the professor of natural philosophy and chemistry, who had spent several years in Germany, had volunteered to take charge of the runaways, and he seemed to be the only person who was available for this duty.
  • cob I noticed he looked empty, an', remembering how he'd saved me by leading the tiger off another way, I got out a mealie cob.
  • cobber You must have had some reason for bringing her here, cobber."
  • cobra The poisonous cobra, whose bite is as fatal as that of our dreaded rattlesnake, is much more to be feared under ordinary circumstances.
  • coca When used to excess, the coca produces deleterious effects on the human system; but, if moderately taken, it is far more innocent in its results than either opium or tobacco.
  • coda After this, one new subject is introduced-a breathless, syncopated, agitato phrase, which, worked up with the other theme, develops into a magnificent coda, marked "vittorioso" in the score-victory for Richmond, I suppose.
  • cola And, with the sanguine and cheerful elasticity which belonged to him, the young Cola, dismissing all wilder thoughts, bent his mind to listen, and to enter into, the humbler projects of his brother.
  • coma And there was one Coma, who would have remained unknown to this day but that he wrote an exceedingly elegant letter to his friend Nicolo Syllacio in Italy, describing in flowery language the events of the second voyage; which letter, and one written by Doctor Chanca, are the only records of the outward voyage that exist.
  • comb Then he remembered that she had dropped her comb by the edge of the pool-he had heard it fall when he lifted her, and back he went to search for it: for the sayin' is that with a merrymaid's comb you can comb out your hair in handfuls of guineas.
  • combo Location tests also revealed enhancements to the interface, such as a new "screen filter" option (which adds a transparent shaded area behind the arrows to improve visibility), a full combo "splash" effect animation (white for a Marvelous combo, gold for a Perfect combo, and green for a Great combo), and colored combo numbers which indicate the status of a combo colored the same way (which however, was absent on the US PS2 version).
  • cora He was too wise to approach Cora in her present mood.
  • corbel The internal part of the vesica panel is occupied with the white marble bust, life size, placed on an enriched corbel of alabaster, on which corbel are inclined pillars which support a trefoiled and gabled canopy overhanging the bust.
  • cord The other end of this cord was tied to the net, at one of its corners.
  • cordoba In this they had the aid of Ferdinand and Isabella, who sent an army under the command of that distinguished soldier Gonzalo de Cordoba, known in his day as the Great Captain.
  • core Gentlemen, ever in the heart of the practical, in the very core of the useful, there is enclosed a seed of beauty; and upon the fructification, growth, and expansion of that seed depends,-aye, absolutely depends,-the development of the practical.
  • cork In an hour of drunkenness he thrust her from the house, and stationed himself to watch her-it was in the city of Cork.
  • corm [+][+] Stem or scape from a bulb or corm; capsule many-seeded.
  • corn He needed nourishing food, but he must eat the corn-meal or starve.
  • cornea In this defect of vision the curvature of the cornea is greater in one meridian than in another.
  • corp "Auld wifie," said Corp, "I dinna ken you, but I've just stepped up to tell you that Gavinia is to hae me."
  • cowboy A strange cowboy rode up to the door.
  • crab I got a terrible big crab!
  • cub If I had not been angry clear through at that cub I might have let go.
  • cuba On July 7th he was back again in the region of the "Queen's Gardens," from which he stood across to the coast of Cuba.
  • cube He could almost see the postman holding the little cardboard cube which would contain the rendered ring.
  • curb She had her hat on and was drawing on her gloves, for through her window she had caught a glimpse of the cab standing at the curb.
  • garb And their garb,-the weapons they bore?
  • gob No se espante Sor. Gob^{or} Tastuanes en oir a este hablador, que cuando yo anduve con mi padre por la carrera de Mexico y cuando venimos ya estaba mi madre en cinta de otro, y por eso salio tan mala casta, Sor. Gob^{or} Tastuanes.
  • gobi Heeren shows that a great overland commerce extended in ancient times between the Black Sea and "Great Mongolia;" he mentions a "Temple of the Sun," and a great caravansary in the desert of Gobi.
  • job I must get on to the job."
  • orb Now the western sun reveal'd Between two parting cliffs his golden orb, And pour'd across the shadow of the hills, On rocks and floods, a yellow stream of light That cheer'd the solemn scene.
  • Cor 18, V. 26, with 1st Cor.
  • Cobb And Chub turned in perplexity to Mr. Cobb.
  • Colby And in the meantime he must concentrate on tripping up Terence Colby, alias Hollis.
  • Cory Oh, wonder of wonders! That night, to Sally's astonishment and great delight, did Mistress Cory Ann tell the child that "for reasons" she would herself wash the supper dishes, and she added:
  • Cara Camer said she should like it, too, but here her mother, who was feeling irritable and nervous, thinking Cara was going to hurt her beloved one, came forward and gave him a good bite, to which Cara responded in true camel fashion by groaning and grumbling and making as much fuss as he possibly could.
  • Kobe I always loved to get away from shore, even if only in a launch or sampan; it was so much cleaner and fresher on the bay. That afternoon it was altogether too attractive out there, and the city of Kobe lay so snugly below the hills that I decided to remain on board till late in the evening, and missed the last launch.
  • curbs These haunt well curbs and the fringes of jungles, and wail under the stars, or catch women by the wrist and beg to be taken up and carried.
  • CB general assessment: satellite phone services domestic: domestic communication via radio (CB) international: country code - 872; satellite earth station - 1 (Inmarsat)
  • COBS There was one man-poor chap, Anstruther said he was drowned in the Lusitania-who had a team of four black cobs.
  • CORR Love Me Better", song by Sharon Corr Dream of You (Sharon Corr album) 2010 "Love Me Better", song by Trey Songz Passion, Pain & Pleasure 2010 "Love Me Better", song by The Pleasers 1978
  • Cosby Like its neighbor Cosby, which is just over Stone Mountain to the west, Del Rio gained a reputation for moonshining during the first half of the 20th century.

30 words made from the letters corba

3 letter words made from corba:

bra, abo, orb, arc, car, boa, rob, abc, rbc, cob, cab, oar, oca, arb, cro, roc, bar.

4 letter words made from corba:

5 letter words made from corba:

borac, braco, bocar, carob, cobar, broca, cobra.

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