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How to spell COULER correctly?

If you've misspelled "couler", worry not, here are a few correct suggestions. If you meant to say "color", that would be the correct spelling in American English, while "colour" is the accepted British English variant. However, if you were looking for a French word, "couler" means "to flow."

List of suggestions on how to spell couler correctly

  • caller The caller ID showed an unfamiliar number, so I let it go to voicemail.
  • caulker My neighbor hired a caulker to fix the leaks in his roof.
  • choler His constant choler made it difficult for others to speak freely around him.
  • cobbler I am going to visit the cobbler today to get new soles on my shoes.
  • colder
  • cole I love to eat coleslaw made with fresh cabbage and crunchy cole!
  • Coley Coley is a type of fish that is often used in traditional British cuisine.
  • collar I always keep my collar on when I go out in public.
  • collier "The collier was in charge of ensuring that the coal was safely transported from the mine to the surface.
  • color
  • cooler I'm going to the cooler for a soda.
  • coolers
  • could I could take a break now.
  • Coulee The Coulee is a deep ravine between two mountain ranges.
  • coulees The coulees are very scenic.
  • coulter Sherlock Holmes is not the only one with a clever mind. There is also the fabulous Coulter.
  • couple We were a couple in the park.
  • crueler It's crueler to prevent someone from achieving their dreams than to never let them dream in the first place.
  • cruller I ordered a cruller and coffee for breakfast at the bakery.
  • curler She used a curler to create soft waves in her hair.
  • cutler The cutler examined each blade carefully before sending them out to the customers.
  • joule One joule is approximately equal to the amount of energy needed to lift a small apple off the ground.
  • ogler As a feminist, I feel uncomfortable with the way some men act like ogler towards women.

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