Correct spelling for COUNCLE

We think the word councle is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for councle

  • Coracle(Definition of coracle)
  • "only the priest!" muttered coracle to himself, but little better satisfied than if it were the policeman.

  • Cancel(Definition of cancel)
  • Beyond that the company had the right to cancel the contract.

  • Mis-Reporting
  • Cuticle(Definition of cuticle)
  • These absorbent or lymphatic; vessels have mouths opening on the surface of the true skin, and, though covered by the cuticle, they can absorb both liquids and solids that are placed in close contact with the skin.

  • Counsel(Definition of counsel)
  • When i couldn't stand it any longer, i sneaked into flavia's room at two o'clock in the morning, for counsel."

  • Condole(Definition of condole)
  • And miriam, her madonna-like face wet with hot tears, burnt the praying-shawl she was weaving in secret love for the man who might one day have loved her, and went to condole with the mourners, holding rachel's rugged hand in those soft, sweet fingers that no lover would ever clasp.

  • Uncle(Definition of uncle)
  • Councilor
  • Privy councilor, president of committees, knight of the orders of st. stephen, st. maurice, and the annunciata.

  • Concave(Definition of concave)
  • 4. it is very difficult to determine merely by touch whether a thing is straight or crooked, flat, convex or concave.

  • Mis-Reports
  • Council(Definition of council)
  • 43, 177; council at, i.

  • Concur(Definition of concur)
  • The doctor related some experiences he had had among people of similar disposition, but did not fail to ascribe them, with the wisdom of a man of ripe experiences, to the unwise conduct of the arabs and half-castes; in this opinion i unreservedly concur.

  • Conclave(Definition of conclave)
  • They were so engrossed in their conclave that a servant entered with lamps before they realized that daylight had waned and night was falling with the rapidity of the tropics.

  • Cubicle(Definition of cubicle)
  • "tell them to haul in the rest cubicle.

  • Conley
  • Conley looked at him.

  • Conclude(Definition of conclude)
  • On the whole, we conclude our naturalist is an impostor.

  • Monocle(Definition of monocle)
  • Jungle(Definition of jungle)
  • You know, the jungle is quite near calcutta.

  • Conical(Definition of conical)
  • The frame is fitted to the lathe bed so that the centre stud b stands sufficiently out of the line of lathe centres to bring the centres of the conical holes true with the line of lathe centres.

  • Cockle(Definition of cockle)
  • "let thistles grow instead of wheat, and cockle instead of barley," he cried, according to james the first's translators; but the "noisome weeds" of the original text seem to indicate that these good men were more anxious to give the english people an adequate conception of job's willingness to suffer for his honor's sake than to translate literally.

  • Carbuncle(Definition of carbuncle)
  • During the previous december, o'dwyer had been treating a patient with carbuncle, and developed himself a small carbuncle on his chin.

  • Console(Definition of console)
  • Then they weep and pine- "for pietro"-until i must console them.

58 words made from the letters councle

5 letter words made from councle:

colne, ounce, conel, cenco, oncle, clone, uncle, eloun, leuco, nouel, lecco, clune, eunol , lenco, coule, cuneo.

3 letter words made from councle:

col, enl, cue, luo, ceo, cul, one, ecc, neo, leu, leo, nec, con, eon.

4 letter words made from councle:

enlo, loen, coln, cole, nuoc, noce, coue, unco, lone, cone, coen, cuon, nuel, clun, once, leon, luen, cocu, noel, enol, loeu, loue, noul, ueno, clue, ouen, luce, clon.