Correct spelling for COUNIES

We think the word counies is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for counies

  • cornice The late nineteenth century's preference for exterior decoration was illustrated by a dentiled cornice, a belt of corbelling three courses wide in the brickwork below the cornice, and brick pilasters on each side of the main doorway, topped by scrolls and brackets supporting the pediment.
  • countess Meanwhile the Countess had beckoned to the servants and, pointing to Prince Conrad, said: "Carry him to his room."
  • coyness They must present themselves for capture of their own free will, or be taken after a little coyness only.
  • jones Parson Jones burst out laughing.
  • Canes This pursuit appeared extremely perilous, the long thread-like canes in many places affording the only footing, over many yards of cliff: the procuring of this honey, however, is the only means by which many of the idle poor raise the rent which they must pay to the Rajah.
  • Colonies Every one is willing to admit that she would like our Colonies, but no one will believe that she has the courage to strike a blow for them.
  • Conics
  • Corneas
  • Counties
  • Cronies
  • Connie
  • Coins If these coins are genuine, and if we accept Flemmer's conclusions, they must have been struck in the lifetime of Antinous.
  • Corns
  • counts
  • corners
  • counters
  • cons
  • cones The following points should be considered: 1. Description leading to identification 2. Nature of soil and water conditions 3. Common uses of each species of evergreen 4. Collection of wood specimens and cones.
  • Junes
  • connives
  • coiners With all signs of grief and confusion, he threw himself at his brother's feet, and told him with a flood of tears that two coiners who had accidentally seen him in Bridewell had sworn against him and three others on their apprehension, in order on the merit thereof to be admitted evidences to get off themselves.
  • cosines
  • corniest
  • cornices
  • unfluent
  • cookings
  • grandest
  • gumpest
  • hardwearing

139 words made from the letters counies

5 letter words made from counies:

inuse, isoun, couse, seoni, cines, eosin, socie, conse, scion, unces, nesci, censo, onces, ensco, uncos, sonce, nouse, senoi, nisou, iseco, coens, sinoe, sonic, onuci, cuneo, cious, coues, ciose, unies, ounce, incus, useni, unoci, cones, nucis, scone, oecus, senio, seiun, coeus, isone, scien, couns, eison, noise, cunei, icons, cions, souci, eunos, cione, ciosu, uisce, cisne, useco, inose, usine, ineos.

3 letter words made from counies:

sun, sen, cis, neo, sou, nsu, cio, ies, ceo, sec, cns, nec, sin, one, iou, ion, icu, eos, iso, sic, uni, nsc, son, use, sue, uns, oui, con, eon, cos, cue, ice.

4 letter words made from counies:

neus, cuon, suen, nose, ices, coin, euoi, inus, sion, unie, eous, noce, iesu, coen, eons, sine, nsui, nice, ouen, oseu, icon, suin, scun, nous, enic, sonu, suco, coue, unco, sone, onus, seoi, suon, once, usen, iuno, inec, suoi, nicu, ueno, unio, cons, osen, icse, nuoc, cone, osun, scen, sein.

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