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How to spell COURTIES correctly?

If you meant to type "courties" but it got misspelled, it's likely you meant "courtesy". Other possible correct suggestions might include "couriers", "coteries" or "courtiers", depending on the intended context. Always double-check and use a reliable spell-check tool to ensure accuracy in your written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell courties correctly

  • cooties We found a big pile of cooties on the floor.
  • cortes Hernan Cortes was a Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec empire.
  • Cortices The brain contains four cortical lobes, and each lobe has multiple cortices that perform different functions.
  • Counties
  • couriers The company relies on couriers for timely delivery of important documents.
  • Courtesies It's customary to extend certain courtesies to your guests when they arrive.
  • courtesy It's always nice to receive a smile and a little bit of courtesy from a stranger.
  • courtier The courtier tried to win the favor of the king by showering him with flattery and gifts.
  • courtiers The king's courtiers were always vying for his attention, hoping to gain favor and influence.
  • courts The judges in the courts hear cases and make rulings based on the evidence presented.
  • curies
  • curtis My friend's name is Curtis and he loves basketball.
  • curtsies She curtsies gracefully before the queen.
  • cuties I can't wait to buy a bag of cuties from the grocery store.

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