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How to spell COUT correctly?

If you've misspelled "cout", there are a few possible suggestions to consider. First and foremost, it could be "count", referring to the act of tallying or enumerating. Alternatively, "coat" is another word resembling the misspelling, denoting a garment used for warmth. Finally, "court" may be a valid alternative, denoting a judicial system or an enclosed area for various activities.

List of suggestions on how to spell cout correctly

  • bout She had a bout of the flu and had to miss work for a few days.
  • clout
  • coat I need to buy a new winter coat because it is getting quite cold outside.
  • colt The farmer was excited to see his prized colt born.
  • CONT
  • coot
  • cost
  • cot The baby is sleeping on the cot in the nursery.
  • count I need you to count how many apples are in the basket.
  • coup The military coup in the country led to a lot of political instability and unrest among the citizens.
  • court The jury left the court after delivering a guilty verdict.
  • cut I need to cut this tomato into equal pieces.
  • gout He experienced a painful attack of gout in his left foot.
  • lout The lout was shouting and causing a scene at the party.
  • out
  • pout She tried to hide her disappointment but her pout gave it away.
  • rout
  • scout The scout went ahead to check for any dangers on the path.
  • tout

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