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How to spell CRAIGS correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "Craigs", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions: "Craig's" is used to indicate possession, "Crag" refers to a steep or rugged cliff, "Craze" means a current popular trend, and "Craggy" portrays a rough or uneven surface.

List of suggestions on how to spell craigs correctly

  • brags He brags about his expensive car and his expensive clothes.
  • brigs The captain commanded his crew to raise the sails of the two brigs that were waiting in the harbor.
  • crabs I love getting crabs from the seafood stand.
  • cracks The ground underneath us was filled with cracks.
  • crag The climber cautiously made his way up the steep crag, using his hands and feet to find purchase on the rocky surface.
  • craggy The cliffs were rugged and craggy.
  • crags The crags are an impressive rock formation.
  • Craig Mark and I went to dinner last night with Craig.
  • CRAMS She crams for exams the night before and always manages to pull off good grades.
  • cranes I saw a lot of cranes flying overhead.
  • cranks My grandfather enjoys listening to old-fashioned music on his antique record player, but sometimes the cranks can be difficult to turn.
  • crapes The chef served delicious crapes with fresh berries and whipped cream for breakfast.
  • craps After losing my last roll of craps I decided to head to the bar.
  • crass His crass comment was offensive to everyone in the room.
  • crates The warehouse was filled with stacks of wooden crates containing various goods.
  • craves As a young child, he always craves for his mother's cuddle.
  • crawls The baby crawls across the living room floor.
  • crazes
  • crazies Some of the crazies were outside, shouting and waving their arms around.
  • Cribs The nursery had a row of cribs filled with sleeping infants.
  • Cries It was hard to hear the baby cries over the sound of the rain.
  • drags The film drags in the middle.
  • Grains Grains such as wheat, rice, and oats are staple foods around the world.
  • rags I couldn't bring myself to wear the old rags that were my only clothes.
  • RIGS The oil company has multiple rigs for drilling in different locations.
  • scrags The old tree in the yard had a few scrags jutting out from its trunk.

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