How to spell CRIEING correctly?

We think the word crieing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell crieing correctly

  • airing It was he, generally, who used this, for his father preferred to take a driver, and generally took an airing, either alone or with Hector, in the more stately carriage, drawn by two horses.
  • careen
  • carina I have a new carina piercing.
  • caring She cared for her plants, even watering them with tears in her eyes.
  • coiling
  • craving
  • creaking The old door was creaking in its hinges.
  • creeping The creepy crawlies were making noise in the attic.
  • creon He never learned how to read nor write, he was a layman, and his name was Creon.
  • cretin She is a cretin for thinking she can get away with this.
  • crier
  • cringe
  • cringing As I walked outside, I was cringing at the sound of the thunder crashing.
  • crowing A rooster crows every morning.
  • crying No one knows why she is crying, but she is definitely crying.
  • firing I was fired from my previous job.
  • freeing She was freeing her wings from the sticky web.
  • goring The bull gored the creatureit was a gruesome sight.
  • grieving Although it was hard, I was able to grieve in private.
  • raging She was raging about the soup being cold.
  • reeking It reeked of toxic fumes.
  • reign
  • rein Reinforce the fence with boards.
  • rigging The boat was rigged with multiple lines to keep the boat in place.
  • ring
  • tiring
  • wiring She found the wiring in the basement entirely outdated.
  • wring
  • Careening I careened around the curve, narrowly dodging debris in my path.
  • Careering
  • Decreeing The decreeing of the king was the final step in the process of making a law.
  • Griping
  • Hiring
  • Miring The mayor announced that the city was hiring a new miring contractor.
  • Raking The leaves of the tree were raked into the pile by the raking tool.
  • Ruing I am really sorry for how I treated you.
  • Siring While Tom siring children with his wife, Jane, he often makes the mistake of referring to them as " those bastards
  • Treeing
  • Crazing
  • curing Curing a disease requires a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Coining The coinage of new words is an important part of language evolution.
  • Coring Core samples will be taken to establish the thickness of the concrete.
  • Cornering I was able to corner him in the dark alleyway.
  • Craning
  • Crating I'm going to have to crating up all the food for the party.
  • Creaming
  • Creasing If wrinkles were creases, I'd be a map of the world.
  • Creating
  • Cribbing After crawling out of my crib, I reached for my toy.
  • Cruising I've been cruising the web for recipes to make for my party.
  • Corina She has a corina of red hair.
  • Crimean The Crimean War was a conflict fought between Russia and the United Kingdom over the territory of the Crimean Peninsula.
  • crewing
  • griming She grimed as she wiped her hands on a towel.
  • ricking My head was ricking from the noise of the party.

List of 71 words made from the word crieing

3 letter words made from crieing:

ecg, nig, nrc, ire, cer, erg, rig, ice, ern, nec, gin, gen, ige.

5 letter words made from crieing:

giric, cring, ringe, cieri, iceni, reing, grein, genri, icing, renig, giren, iring, gerin, negri, greci, grine, ricin, ering, genic, inger, crine, regni, ergin, reign, icier, ciger, giner, rieng, niger, igric.

7 letter words made from crieing:


4 letter words made from crieing:

geci, egin, cing, inec, ring, engi, rice, ingi, grin, nice, egri, gien, inge, erni, nige, grce, rein, eini, iing, reni, enic.

6 letter words made from crieing:

ericin, ricing, girnie, irenic, reicin, cringe.

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