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How to spell CRIGES correctly?

If you inadvertently typed "criges" instead of the intended word, here are some possible correct suggestions. Depending on the context, you may have meant "cringes" meaning to shrink back in discomfort; "crises" indicating a time of intense difficulty; or "cruises" referring to leisurely voyages. Double-check the intended meaning and choose the correct word accordingly.

List of suggestions on how to spell criges correctly

  • bridges The engineer designed a network of bridges to connect the islands.
  • brigs The shipyard has been commissioned to build two new brigs for the navy.
  • cadges I picked up a few cadges for the trip.
  • cages I've been confined to these cages my whole life.
  • caries Water, oil, and wind can cause caries.
  • crags The hiker climbed up the crags of the mountain, careful not to slip on the rocks.
  • Crees
  • Cribs She spent hours looking at different cribs online before finally choosing one for her baby's nursery.
  • cricks
  • criers The town criers announced the news of the king's death to the people.
  • Cries
  • Crimes In the 21st century, crimes have become so prevalent that governments have had to create new laws to keep up with the demands
  • cringes
  • cripes It's just downright cripes how much work this project is.
  • Crises The world is currently facing multiple crises, from pandemic to climate change.
  • cruises
  • Cruxes The cruxes of this problem are the missing pieces.
  • curies Marie Curie and her husband discovered the radioactive elements polonium and radium and coined the term "curies" to describe their level of radioactivity.
  • fridges The new apartment has two fridges.
  • Rages The fire rages on, consuming everything in its path.
  • ridges The ridges on the monkey's back were fascinating.
  • RIGS The oil company has stopped drilling in certain rigs until the price of crude oil goes up.

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