Correct spelling for CRIMESCENE

We think the word crimescene is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for crimescene

  • crimson The colonel's face flushed crimson.
  • grimace He made a grimace.
  • Crimsoned In a moment her cheek had crimsoned and paled, and she reined in with a cry: 'Stop-halt!
  • Crimes Liberty, what crimes have been wrought in thy name!
  • grimacing Smiling lawyers, grimacing lawyers, soothing lawyers and cackling lawyers.
  • cremes
  • Crimean Some of my Crimean patients, who were glad of me as nurse and doctress, bore names familiar to all England, and perhaps, did I ask them, they would allow me to publish those names.
  • crimsons The little blood I have left crimsons my face with shame that I am not at your side to help and cheer you.
  • Grimes But when he saw Grimes actually wash, he stopped, quite astonished; and when Grimes had finished, and began shaking his ears to dry them, he said: "Why, master, I never saw you do that before."
  • absentions
  • dis-featuring

232 words made from the letters crimescene

5 letter words made from crimescene:

eenie, isere, emece, rensi, cisne, eisen, semer, reems, seree, erins, misce, reens, nimes, reise, creen, riese, resen, sence, senec, merse, resem, neems, eerie, niece, seeme, mcnee, mesen, ierne, mesin, meese, ernes, nemec, einem, mince, cecin, imcce, esmer, mesic, scrim, remes, cremi, meece, meise, isner, miner, emine, csere, remen, nimer, inscr, neier, reins, cisce, eines, semin, siren, miens, rines, crime, nemes, scire, mices, ceren, cerne, rimes, ersin, semie, cicer, miser, seine, cesme, inese, meins, sneer, neeme, siree, ceric, nesci, rence, riems, cesic, circe, cense, scree, serei, serin, mires, semir, meers, risen, eimer, cenci, emcee, cines, recce, scien, niese, minec, niere, mcree, ceres, simec, creem, renes, semen, seier, rense, meren, crine, seein, merin, resmi, resin, rinse, necci, cermi, siner, rices, ences, scene, crece, emeer, seren, reces, erice.

4 letter words made from crimescene:

3 letter words made from crimescene:

ire, ese, cis, ies, nmr, sic, sir, rim, irs, ice, ecm, nim, mrs, sen, men, cer, min, mes, eec, msc, mei, nee, ene, ism, nrc, rem, icc, see, mri, nsc, ecc, mis, sin, sec, nec, res, esm, cns, ern, esr.

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