Correct spelling for DAZZINGLY

We think the word dazzingly is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dazzingly

  • daringly At break of day on May 16th the traitor made known the new spot of the smala's halt, and D'Aumale at once daringly advanced with his cavalry alone.
  • dashingly "You look out when I get hold of you!" exclaimed Jack, as Sandy, for the 'steenth time, eluded his grasp and swung dashingly off, skimming the ice as gracefully as the swallows soared above the river in the summer months.
  • dazzling On August 23rd, 1628, the knife of Felton ended, in a few moments, the dazzling career of the Duke of Buckingham.
  • dazzlingly Perhaps, after all, it was only the glow of departing day, like the throes of the dying dolphin lending hectic radiance to his colors, that so dazzlingly, bewilderingly, beautifully tinged the current of her words, and gave him glimpses of a heaven of hope his wildest dream had never pictured.
  • dizzily Clad in a red skirt, brilliant in its adornment of stained quills of the porcupine got from the Indians, Francette paced daintily here and there in the clean-swept yard, now snapping her small fingers, now coaxing with soft noises in her round throat, her sparkling eyes fixed on the gaunt grey skeleton that stood on its four feet braced wide apart, wavering dizzily.
  • teasingly "Oh, I don't know," drawled 'Zekiel, teasingly.
  • Dazing The impact of one of those heavy slugs hitting bone was a dazing blow, enough to stun some men, and he probably counted on that effect.
  • Passingly The king beheld him fast, and saw he was passingly well-visaged and passingly well made of his years.
  • Dotingly And being infatuated and dotingly fond of him, she gave him some nice sweetmeats, and so put the affair of the pickled walnuts out of his head, and convinced him that they were not poison, but good and comforting to the stomach.

241 words made from the letters dazzingly

3 letter words made from dazzingly:

zag, ain, ziz, nay, gad, lid, adz, ani, day, aid, dia, din, nag, nad, yzz, igd, gin, nil, lag, ail, ali, any, lan, iga, gay, zig, lin, ida, gzy, dag, gal, dna, dig, lad, nig, dal, lay.

4 letter words made from dazzingly:

glad, azny, glan, gazy, zyla, dayz, ygal, yazd, izza, iyaz, lidz, glia, lyga, ziad, dial, lind, danl, liza, lazy, azin, galy, dyal, gizz, zlin, giza, dlya, iyad, lynd, zani, liny, zail, nagy, aldy, aidy, gyzi, anil, liad, ling, yazi, nazz, ding, nagi, zind, zygi, gyal, izal, lady, zayn, azzi, nayi, zady, yani, yagi, lagi, ayni, ladn, dayi, gain, glay, gyda, gazi, ganz, idly, ilna, dali, dail, gild, dayn, gnal, linz, dyin, niza, nazi, lany, agdz, nail, zyad, daiz, inya, yinz, land, dizy, agni, diaz, zing, gand, zany, inga, lazi, dinz, yali, aiyn, iyan, dagi, ayin, nayd, laid, nyai, zang, niya, nagl, gayl, zyga, gayi, lyin, gila.

5 letter words made from dazzingly:

gyali, dling, landi, andyg, zinda, dziga, dingl, dialy, nizal, zandi, lindy, dangi, algin, gland, dying, yanzi, danly, dinga, gazin, zayin, ligan, ilgaz, lndia, ginza, lanzi, dalin, zingy, yanli, nidal, yalin, liyan, naldi, yazdi, lazin, gyani, zainy, dizzy, glina, gandy, dalny, lazzi, zangi, ligny, niday, dingy, yilan, dylan, dangl, zidan, aylin, zynda, nyali, yangi, galdi, aling, zinga, laing, zynga, niyaz, layng, lydia, daily, zaldy, dagli, lying, nazli, inlay, gandi, dayni, gaily, ilyan, ganzi, zaydi, ylang, danzy, lidya, yandi, glanz, landy, langi, yigal, ziyal, gilan, ianyl, ilang, zadig, inday, ziang, zigan, zayid, nizza, layin, align, dazzy, iland, zygal, ilanz, algid.

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