Correct spelling for DEFIENE

We think the word defiene is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for defiene

  • Defies
  • Defied
  • Defence(Definition of defence)
  • And, having done this, and put it into order, we away, i not having time to eat my dinner; and so all in my lord bruncker's coach, that is to say, bruncker, w. pen, t. harvy, and myself, talking of the other great matter with which they charge us, that is, of discharging men by ticket, in order to our defence in case that should be asked.

  • Dine(Definition of dine)
  • "the vicar must dine here at least twice while laurie is here," she observed at breakfast one morning.

  • Deena
  • Fine(Definition of fine)
  • "he has a fine face, this old man.

  • Deafened(Definition of deafened)
  • I reckon you're one o' the talkin' kind, so deafened by the sound o' your own splutterin' that you can't hear any one else.

  • Defined(Definition of defined)
  • With which molly brandeis unconsciously defined the art of cartooning.

  • Deafen(Definition of deafen)
  • Our opponents, said lord john russell, in one of his earliest speeches-our opponents deafen us with their cry of 'church and king.

  • Definer
  • Defend(Definition of defend)
  • For that equals should defend themselves against equals we shall maintain to be honourable and right; we shall make the protection of the person a matter of necessity.

  • Detainee(Definition of detainee)
  • Deigned
  • Redefine
  • Defoe(Definition of defoe)
  • To the proximity of these great monasteries was due the beginning of the scholastic element in cambridge, and perhaps the immense popularity of stourbridge fair, which defoe thought the greatest in europe, may have helped to locate the university there.

  • Definite(Definition of definite)
  • You can't tell me anything more definite about this gentleman, i suppose?

  • Define(Definition of define)
  • How would you define a brick?

  • Defiant(Definition of defiant)
  • Blake's powerful, handsome face was blazing and defiant.

  • Deign(Definition of deign)
  • But erec does not deign to accept, saying he is well supplied with money, and has no need to accept aught from him.

  • Defying
  • Defines
  • Divine(Definition of divine)
  • She seemed to divine the thoughts behind this remark.

  • Devin
  • Definers
  • Diane
  • Deafens
  • "above all, italian music stirs the heart, while german music only deafens you," added the senorita de delgado.

  • Refine(Definition of refine)
  • Defender(Definition of defender)
  • Be thou ever faithful, true and valorous as thou hast been this day, and england hath gained a stout defender and king richard of the lion heart a worthy support to his throne.

  • Defiance(Definition of defiance)
  • Mr. wright arose to intimate that the interview was at an end, and joe left the store with a gesture of defiance and anger toward the cashier.

  • Defense(Definition of defense)
  • This is to stop losing horses needed for defense of the nation and to stop the price of a horse from going up.

  • Defer(Definition of defer)
  • If i had known-perhaps some other night-" "i am expecting other company thursday night-unfortunately, brayton, the president of the bank of sequoia, is coming up to dine and discuss some business affairs with me afterward; so if you don't mind, my dear, suppose you call young cardigan up and ask him to defer his visit until some later date."

  • Defile(Definition of defile)
  • Let him bring his cattle into our temple and pour his gold into our treasury, but do not defile your souls with the thought that the offerings of such a heart and such a hand are pleasing to the divinity.

41 words made from the letters defiene

5 letter words made from defiene:

defee, fiene, fined, fendi, deene, defen, ideen, eenie, deine, fiend, eeden, diene, enide.

4 letter words made from defiene:

dine, deif, eien, dein, find, ende, eden, enif, feed, nied, fien, feen, fend, neid, enid, need, fine, feni.

3 letter words made from defiene:

fin, ene, den, fed, end, fen, die, nee, din, fee.