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How to spell DEMININATIONS correctly?

If you're searching for the correct spelling of "Demininations", you might be referring to "Deminations" or "Denominations". While "Deminations" doesn't seem to exist as a word, both "Deminations" and "Denominations" could be relevant depending on the context. It is always wise to verify the intended term to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell Demininations correctly

  • Declinations The astronomer studied the various declinations of stars in order to better understand their positions in the night sky.
  • Definitions I had trouble understanding the textbook because it lacked clear definitions for several key concepts.
  • Delimitations The research study clearly defined the delimitations, such as the specified time frame and limited sample size, to ensure the study remained focused and manageable.
  • Delineations The artist's detailed delineations of the human form were praised for their accuracy and precision.
  • Demonization The media's demonization of certain ethnic groups has led to widespread discrimination and prejudice.
  • Demyelinations Demyelinations can occur in individuals with multiple sclerosis, leading to impaired nerve function.
  • Denominations There are various religious denominations practicing in this town, including Catholics, Baptists, and Muslims.
  • Designations The system assigns specific designations to each employee based on their job title and seniority level.
  • Destinations After much research, they finally decided on their dream destinations for their upcoming vacation.
  • Eliminations The competition had several rounds of eliminations before the winner was announced.
  • Feminization The feminization of the workforce has led to more women taking on previously male-dominated roles and positions.

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