Correct spelling for DENNS

We think the word denns is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for denns

  • dense With a hurried impulse she caught up a light wrap of dense black material, and passed rapidly into the hall.
  • teens She had left her teens behind.
  • tennis Had a game of tennis at the Blanchards' as I came along, dinner at the club, and strolled up here with the fellows.
  • Duennas Madame la Caille, who acted the Duennas at the Opera Comique, was recommended to him as the mother of a family, who deserved his protection, The worthy prelate asked what he could do for her.
  • Denis I must be speaking to Sir Denis Cathley?
  • Dennis "Shure," said Dennis, "what's the party but the men that run it?"
  • Denise Denise Tascheron took refuge in total denial of any knowledge whatever, which gave rise to a suspicion that she did know something of the causes of the crime, although in fact she knew nothing.
  • Denny Sure I don't like to touch it, Denny.
  • Denies To me beauty is a holy and bewildering passion; a divine spirit, that sometimes heaps treasures upon me with both hands, and sometimes denies the least hint of her influence.
  • TENS "Of the thousands and tens of thousands who toil up the steep and often rugged paths to wealth, and attain the desired eminence, how few are ever heard of beyond the small community in which they live!
  • deans Deans and Canons are lazy sinecurists, but there is a bright exception in the case of the Cowper who held a golden stall at Durham.
  • terns
  • dawns I turned to the last page and read: "Only that day dawns to which we are awake..."
  • dines He dines for one-and-twopence at an eating-house; but what cares Maria where he dines?
  • darns There were two rickety chairs, two thin couches, a few cracked pots and mended plates, a one-armed armchair, a dilapidated bed, the curtains of which time had embroidered with a bold hand, a worm-eaten secretary where the miser kept his seeds, a pile of linen thickened by many darns, and a heap of ragged garments, which existed only by the will of their master; he being dead they dropped into shreds, powder, chemical dissolution, in fact I know not into what form of utter ruin, as soon as the heir or the officers of the law laid rough hands upon them; they disappeared as if afraid of being publicly sold.
  • DINS
  • DUNS
  • DANES If the Irish were right in holding steadfast to the line of their traditional studies, in rejecting the city life and commercial spirit of the Danes, in opposing Anglo-Norman feudalism, and, finally, in not accepting the more than doubtful advantages flowing from the literary revival of the fifteenth century; if, in all this, they did not oppose true progress, but merely wished to advance in the peculiar path opened up to them by the Christianity which they had received more fully, with more earnestness, and with a view to a greater development of the supernatural idea, than any other European nation-then, beyond all other modes, did they display their strength of will and their undying national vitality in their resistance to Protestantism-a resistance which has been called opposition to progress, but the success of which to-day proves beyond question that they were right.
  • DENS But he answered, that it did not become him to be more cowardly than huntsmen, to leave the wild beasts abroad, and seek after sport in their deserted dens.
  • DNA'S
  • DONS
  • dunes
  • Downs
  • dings I haf von funny leedle poy Vot gomes shust to my knee,- Der queerest schap, der createst rogue As efer you dit see. He runs, und schumps, und schmashes dings In all barts off der house.
  • dents Insatiable seems the strength of this race, whose deepest feeling has been chiselled by Verhaeren in proud stanzas: Je suis le fils de cette race, Dont les cerveaux plus que les dents Sont solides et sont ardents Et sont voraces.
  • Denny's Or I might try Denny's, at the western end of Booksellers' Row, or like enough go grovelling round the shelves of Reeves and Turner, who were then in the southern bend of the Strand, opposite to St. Clement Dane's Church.
  • deigns Is it a lifeless corpse, save only when popular "consent" deigns to put breath into its nostrils?
  • dis-positioned

7 words made from the letters denns

3 letter words made from denns:

nne, end, des, sen, den.

4 letter words made from denns:

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