Correct spelling for DETAUL

We think the word detaul is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for detaul

  • data The data collected by the survey indicate that the average length of attendance is approximately two terms-the equivalent in student hours of less than three weeks in the ordinary day school.
  • datum Not only these but a multitude of other deductions follow rigorously from the simple datum that every particle of matter attracts every other particle with a force directly proportional to the mass of each and to the inverse square of their mutual distance.
  • dead I knew nothing, I did nothing, I was a dead man.
  • deadly Especially, we had reason to believe that it might have a most successful action in the case of a certain rare but deadly disease, into the nature of which I need not enter.
  • deal "I am out a good deal, and I ought to meet him.
  • dearly He certainly loves you dearly.
  • deathly A pallor so deathly stole over his face that she thought he was dying.
  • decal Davis created the cartoon bee which (in decal form) appears on the flanks of all the buses in the Bee-Line running from Westchester to New York City.
  • dell I really think they mean it at last, and their mortgage covers most of the Dell, and the leys on Stapleton's holding.
  • delta A new dynasty arose in the Delta.
  • dental But for this peculiar movement, which looks very like the action of ruminating, the teeth would grow far beyond the mouth, as they rapidly deposit dental material in their bases in order to supply the waste caused at their tips by the continual friction of the edges against each other.
  • derail
  • detach
  • detail
  • detailed
  • details
  • detain
  • detour
  • devalue
  • dial
  • distal
  • dovetail
  • dual
  • fetal
  • ideal
  • metal
  • petal
  • retail
  • steal
  • tail
  • tall
  • taut
  • tautly
  • teal
  • total
  • Dealt On the other hand the merchants who had endured hardships and sufferings during these years, were now delighted with the stern justice dealt out by the emperor.
  • Del "I don't know about that, Del," he said.
  • dentally

83 words made from the letters detaul

3 letter words made from detaul:

eld, ale, tad, dal, eta, ade, dat, uta, tea, ate, dle, alt, eat, lat, tau, due, let, ltd, led, ute, leu, ult, lad, lea, ted.

5 letter words made from detaul:

daule, aleut, laude, audel, dealu, dalet, tauld, adult, leaud, delta, dault, duale, duela, atule, deula, ulead, audet.

4 letter words made from detaul:

dula, daul, uale, ladu, dule, atle, lead, teal, laud, lade, etau, duet, tual, delu, auld, leda, late, dual, tuel, atul, ulta, uate, lude, luat, deul, tale, laut, talu, leud, dale, taue, tael, dalu, deal, daut, duel, date, deut, lute, duta, elua.

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