What is the correct spelling for DIMENSOR?

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Correct spelling for DIMENSOR

We think the word dimensor is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dimensor

  • damson 3. Cabinet pudding, and damson tart made with preserved damsons.
  • demeanor Right up the main street he strode, his heart in his throat but his step and demeanor firm.
  • demeanour His successor, the Earl of Dufferin, won the affection of the Canadian people by his grace of demeanour, and his Irish gift of eloquence, which he used in the spirit of the clever diplomatist to flatter the people of the country to their heart's content.
  • demesne He preserved his foxes loyally, and was quite as keen about the fishing of a little river that he owned, and which ran down from his demesne into Lough Corrib.
  • dense We listened somewhat anxiously for any sound which might indicate that he had discovered a foe, or rather that a foe had discovered him, but as we looked down over the cliff, we could neither see nor hear anyone moving among the dense brushwood.
  • dimness The girl straightened somewhat, and the light was now increased to such a point that he could make out that she was frowning at him through the dimness.
  • mensa
  • tensor
  • times
  • dampens
  • demons
  • dines
  • dims
  • damns
  • dames
  • DINS
  • DENS
  • dolmens
  • denser
  • miens
  • daemons
  • demeans
  • dimmers
  • alms-givings
  • almsgivers
  • institutings

423 words made from the letters dimensor

4 letter words made from dimensor:

5 letter words made from dimensor:

eorsi, demon, mondi, sidor, soire, moins, dorsi, norms, mendo, erdos, meins, derom, ensor, nerio, omnis, dirne, erins, rison, mosed, desio, dores, sined, nimer, rimes, meson, dines, seond, imson, driem, diose, deiro, mendi, sored, doire, dorin, dones, inmos, doris, isner, rensi, demin, reids, noirs, nismo, nidre, rimed, erion, doner, erimo, mires, nomes, imron, semon, norem, nedim, remon, medon, isone, odier, norse, denio, idose, onemi, dreis, misdo, odein, indos, rosed, semin, simon, ronse, orden, omeir, minor, romen, demir, rides, rosid, risom, rione, rinso, inder, moers, rinds, rines, mired, merid, resid, denim, emnid, nords, serin, siero, sdein, reios, ersin, monie, roine, emosi, dermo, sedin, senor, deori, roids, orens, ondes, morse, sendo, meoni, inose, eiron, deism, roden, monis, desir, resod, moire, dinrm, mosen, medio, osier, domei, demio, rends, sidon, ornis, denom, dinos, resin, risen, semir, drone, domer, ineos, odism, renos, norme, derns, dimer, noemi, irone, nimos, rimon, somei, dries, mined, sinoe, morsi, rones, eison, roins, miser, omens, dreno, domin, senio, meron, seido, miens, indeo, doren, smerd, resmi, monds, seidr, oners, modes, moine, minds, reino, somen, dison, dinse, dromi, redon, oside, eosin, riems, minos, merin, osmer, ormen, emodi, soner, redis, mieno, rodin, siren, imeon, irons, snore, siner, midre, midon, miner, mosin, mores, moren, sndri, esrom, morns, doesn, ormes, diner, irmos, mineo, ronis, nimes, reins, dorms, redos, dorne, senoi, neros, indre, omnes, monir, indem, noise, onder, ideon, miedo, dimon, rosin, siron, noire, seoni, eidos, nosed, snide, dosie, rinse, noder, indro, indes, mesin, nored, denso.

3 letter words made from dimensor:

irs, men, mrs, rem, nim, nod, oed, min, mei, mrd, ism, mod, don, iso, ore, son, sir, res, rid, ern, mes, eos, ode, ido, mri, ire, din, mid, die, eon, end, mis, ies, imo, one, som, nmr, med, neo, ron, ion, rom, dis, edo, esr, sen, rim, rio, iod, dim, esm, roe, sod, doe, dre, sin, mon, dos, des, den, red, rod.

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