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How to spell DINNNING correctly?

If you commonly misspell the word "dinnning", fear not! The correct spelling is "dining". It's an easy mistake to make, but with a little practice, you'll soon remember the correct way to spell this word. Keep in mind that good grammar and spelling enhance your writing skills.

List of suggestions on how to spell dinnning correctly

  • Binning I am currently binning all the recyclables in the blue bin.
  • Dinging The constant dinging of the microwave timer interrupted our conversation.
  • dining I love dining out at fancy restaurants on special occasions.
  • Dinning I enjoy dinning with my family at the local restaurant.
  • Divining I am going to divining to find out what the future holds.
  • Donning I will be donning my new dress later tonight.
  • Dunning The professor's presentation was very surprising; it was full of information I didn't know about dunning.
  • Ginning I ginning up some onions.
  • inning The Yankees were able to score three runs in the first inning of the game.
  • pinning
  • sinning The priest preached to the congregation about the consequences of sinning and urged them to turn towards a righteous path.
  • tinning He was always so eager to get back to the tinning board.
  • winning The team was successful in winning the game.

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