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How to spell DISTERS correctly?

If you find yourself typing "disters" instead of "disasters", fear not! Autocorrect mishaps happen to the best of us. To rectify this, try suggesting alternatives like "disasters" or "disserters" to ensure accurate spelling. Remember, technology isn't foolproof, but making small adjustments can save you from potential embarrassments.

List of suggestions on how to spell disters correctly

  • busters The ghost busters were called to the haunted mansion to investigate the paranormal activity.
  • casters The heavy-duty casters on the cart made it easy to move around the warehouse.
  • darters Darters are small fish that feed on insects and have long, thin bodies.
  • deters The prospect of failure deters many people from taking risks.
  • disasters Grandma always says to be prepared for disasters because they can happen at any time.
  • disbars After the hearing, she was disbars from practicing law.
  • discerns
  • disinters As the archaeologist began to disinters the remains, they realized that the excavation would require much more time and effort than originally anticipated.
  • disperse After the rally, the police used tear gas to disperse the protesters.
  • distort
  • distorts The funhouse mirror distorts my reflection so I look short and wide.
  • distress The sound of distress in her voice alerted me that something was wrong.
  • disturb The loud noises from the construction site disturb my concentration while trying to work.
  • disturbs The noise from the party next door disturbs my sleep.
  • doters The wealthy woman had many doters, all vying for her affection and attention.
  • duster
  • dusters
  • esters Esters are commonly used in the fragrance and flavoring industries.
  • festers The wound festers and I can't stop the infection from spreading.
  • fosters The local animal shelter fosters dogs and cats until they can find their forever homes.
  • jesters The court jesters were lively entertainers who made the king and queen laugh with their comedic acts.
  • masters I am working towards my masters degree in computer science.
  • misters The misters outside the restaurant kept the customers cool during the hot summer day.
  • musters She always musters up the courage to speak her mind.
  • Oysters "I love eating oysters with a splash of lemon juice.
  • pesters
  • piasters The price of the goods was listed in piasters.
  • Posters The walls of her room were covered in colorful posters of her favorite bands and movies.
  • roisters As they walked through the city, the sound of roisters echoing along the narrow alleys was music to her ears.
  • rosters The coach spent hours sorting through the rosters to determine the starting lineup.
  • sisters My sisters and I always have each other's backs.
  • sitters The sitters took turns watching the baby while the parents were out.
  • tasters The tasters at the wine event were impressed with the variety of flavors offered.
  • testers
  • titters I heard several titters in the audience when the comedian made a joke about his own mother.
  • twisters Twisters can be very dangerous and may cause damage to property and people.
  • wasters The group of friends were known as the wasters because they spent all their time drinking and partying instead of working or studying.

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