Correct spelling for DOCTAR

We think the word doctar is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for doctar

  • cottar Things began one day very shortly after the declaration of war when, passing the barracks on his way home, Sabre was accosted and taken into the Mess by Cottar, a subaltern of the Pinks.
  • dakota From the south, heading for the Black Hills of Dakota, with orders to find the trail leading from the reservations to the Indian country and put a stop to the forwarding of reinforcements or supplies, rode our old Arizona acquaintances of the -th.
  • data We hear of a certain crime and consider the earliest data.
  • decatur Decatur, who possessed in unusual degree the dash and brilliance so valuable in a naval commander, came naturally by his love of the sea, for his grandfather had been an officer in the French navy, and his father was a captain in the navy of the United States.
  • decoder A single address decoder with n address input bits can serve up to 2n devices.
  • dictator Therefore in everything else henceforth the dictator must be your commander; only in showing gratitude towards him I will still be your leader, and always be the first to obey his orders."
  • doc And if the old habits get to croppin' out any time, all I got to do is shut one eye, put my finger to my lips, and whisper easy, "Ah, go tell that to Doc Bungstarter!"
  • dock This morning, this very morning, I leap off the dock!"
  • docked From them I learnt that the frigate, which was called the Euphrosyne, had just returned from the West India station; that they had been out four years, during which they had two single-handed encounters, and captured two French frigates, besides assisting at many combined expeditions; that they were commanded by Sir James O'Connor, who had distinguished himself very much, and was considered one of the best officers in the service; that the frigate had suffered so from the conflicts in which they had been engaged, that she had been sent home to be surveyed; it was found that she must be docked, and undergo a thorough repair, and consequently they had been ordered to Sheerness, where the ship would be paid off.
  • docker During the second season of Hungry Beast reporters Ali Russell and Kirk Docker were nominated for a Walkley Award for Coverage of Indigenous Affairs for their story on the "Gang of 49".
  • docket Sometimes the trial is suspended owing to the non-appearance of witnesses, but it can be said that cases are rare where causes are pending in the docket of the court for a longer period than two terms.
  • dockyard On this the tigress, finding herself hemmed in on all sides, and seeing no way of avoiding the multitude, except by the river, took to the water, and swam about five miles, closely pursued by the natives in their boats, until she landed under a tree in a dockyard.
  • doctor You know my wish, doctor."
  • doctorow The book received a positive review from Cory Doctorow, who said that Reagle "offers a compelling case that Wikipedia's most fascinating and unprecedented aspect isn't the encyclopedia itself – rather, its the collaborative culture that underpins it: brawling, self-reflexive, funny, serious, and full-tilt committed to the project".
  • dogcart There was a little trampling up of the gravel, and Wolfenden's dogcart rapidly disappeared in the distance.
  • dot Dot marched beside the cart.
  • dotage The old Colonna, said he, is well-nigh in his dotage.
  • dotard Such a beautiful bit of flesh and blood as she is might get a hearing, when a grizzled old head-splitter like me was called a dotard.
  • dote Nature they say, doth dote, And cannot make a man Save on some worn-out plan, Repeating as by rote.
  • ducat
  • duct
  • locator
  • nectar
  • oct
  • toccata
  • Dicta Canon Hannay makes great play as usual with the humours of Irish officialdom, and his obiter dicta on the mental outlook of police officers are shrewd as well as entertaining.
  • Doter
  • doctors Oh, come, come, M. Mauperin; the doctors haven't given her up; there's hope yet.
  • DICT links – a text-based and graphical web browser mothra – a very basic web browser Desktop publishing deroff, delatex – remove formatting requests eqn – typeset mathematics gs – Aladdin Ghostscript (PostScript and PDF language interpreter) htmlroff – HTML formatting and typesetting lp – printer output ms2html, html2ms – convert between troffs ms macros and html page – view FAX, image, graphic PostScript PDF, and typesetter output files pic, tpic – troff and tex preprocessors for drawing pictures pr – print file ps2pdf, pdf2ps – convert between PostScript and PDF tbl – format tables for nroff or troff troff, nroff – text formatting and typesetting troff2html – convert troff output into HTML Graphics and multimedia getmap, colors – display color map jpg, gif, png, ppm, bmp, v210, yuv, ico, togif, toppm, topng, toico – view and convert pictures Various utilities and games astro – print astronomical information cal – print calendar calendar – print upcoming events clock – draws a simple analog clock dict – dictionary browser fortune – sample lines from a file juke, games/jukebox, games/jukefs – music jukebox lens – interactive screen magnifier map, mapdemo – draw maps on various projections games/playlistfs – playlist file system thesaurus – search online thesaurus scat – sky catalogue
  • ducats

71 words made from the letters doctar

3 letter words made from doctar:

dat, cat, dot, oct, rad, tor, roc, art, doc, cad, crt, tod, otc, rot, oca, rod, arc, tar, tao, oat, car, oar, rat, cro, act, cot, doa, ado, tad.

5 letter words made from doctar:

croat, arcot, actor, octad, torda, corta, todar, otard, dotar, rocta, cador, darco, ortac, croad, rodat, dorta, taroc, corda, draco, tocar, crato.

4 letter words made from doctar:

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