How to spell DONGE correctly?

The correct spelling for "donge" might be "dungeon" or "donkey". However, without context it is difficult to determine the intended word. It may be helpful to recheck the spelling and try using a spell-checker tool before making assumptions about the intended word.

List of suggestions on how to spell donge correctly

  • dane My friend has a Great Dane that is taller than me when it stands on its hind legs.
  • Dang " Dang, I accidentally spilled my coffee on my shirt.
  • danged "I can't seem to fix this danged leak in the sink," exclaimed the frustrated plumber.
  • danger
  • dangle The keychain was left to dangle from the ignition.
  • DENG
  • dengue Dengue fever is caused by a flavivirus transmitted by mosquitoes.
  • dine I like to dine in fancy restaurants occasionally.
  • ding
  • Dionne Dionne Warwick is known for her hit songs such as "Walk On By" and "That's What Friends Are For.
  • dodge
  • dog
  • doge "Such wow, much amaze, very doge" is a popular meme phrase often used to describe the shiba inu dog breed featured in the "doge" meme.
  • dogie The young dogie wandered aimlessly in the open field.
  • Doing
  • don I don't really want to don a suit and tie for the wedding.
  • Dona My mother's maiden name is Dona.
  • done Hope you're done packing.
  • dongle I lost my dongle and now I can't connect my laptop to the projector.
  • donkey The donkey carried the heavy load of lumber down the bumpy dirt road.
  • Donn Donn was a skilled craftsman who could create beautiful works of art from wood.
  • donne The donne in the audience were wearing pretty dresses.
  • Donner I can't go hiking in the mountain if I don't have my Donner jacket with me.
  • Donnie Donnie is my brother's name.
  • Doug
  • dune The dune was kind of cool.
  • dung The farmer spread the dung from his cows over his fields to nourish the soil.
  • Dunged I was afraid of being dunged in the mud.
  • tone Her tone of voice suggested that she was not happy with the news.
  • Tong
  • tonga Tonga is a small south Pacific nation that is composed of more than 170 islands.
  • tonged The chef tonged the sizzling shrimp out of the pan.
  • tongue

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