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How to spell DRIAVE correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "driave" instead of "drive", fret not, we all make typos! Here are some appropriate alternatives: "drive", "driver", "drove" or "drives". Check context to determine the most suitable option. Remember to proofread and utilize spell-check to minimize errors. Happy writing!

List of suggestions on how to spell driave correctly

  • Dave
  • derive I often derive inspiration from my daily experiences.
  • dive
  • drive I will pick you up and drive you to the airport.
  • drivel I can't stand listening to that guy's drivel anymore.
  • driven He was a very ambitious and driven businessman.
  • driver The driver of the bus was very skillful in maneuvering through the narrow streets.
  • Drives John drives his car to work every day.
  • drove He drove me to the airport early in the morning.
  • rave I heard a rave review of the new restaurant in town.
  • rive The rushing waters of the river rive the rocks into small pieces over time.

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