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How to spell DRIEPPILY correctly?

If you meant to type "drip-ily" instead of "drieppily", here are a few suggestions for proper alternatives. You can use "drizzle", "trickle" or "drop by drop". All of these words convey the idea of liquid falling in small quantities, ensuring your intended meaning is expressed accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell drieppily correctly

  • creepily She looked at me creepily, her narrow eyes darting back and forth.
  • drainpipe I saw a squirrel scurrying down the drainpipe outside my window.
  • dreamily She stared dreamily out the window, lost in thoughts of her upcoming vacation.
  • drearily The rain fell steadily outside, making the whole day feel drearily gloomy.
  • drippier As the storm intensified, the rain became even heavier and drippier, drenching everything in its path.
  • dripping I painted the walls so poorly that the wet brush left streaks of dripping paint.
  • drippy The popsicle was so drippy that it left colorful stains on my shirt.
  • droopily After a long and tiring day, she sat droopily on the couch, too exhausted to do anything else.
  • ripply The sun's reflection on the water created a beautiful, ripply pattern.

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