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How to spell DROOR correctly?

The correct spelling for "droor" is "drawer". To avoid spelling errors in the future, practice looking up words in the dictionary or using spell-check on your computer. Also, try to say the word out loud to help you catch any errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell droor correctly

  • dior She wore a beautiful Dior dress to the gala event.
  • doer Everyone is a doer, even toothless reptiles who live off 24-hour fasting metabolism.
  • dolor The medication was able to relieve the patient's aching dolor.
  • donor The hospital received a large donation from the donor.
  • doom In the game, the player is faced with the choice of saving the world from total doom, or letting the world end in
  • door behind the door is a secret room.
  • doors I always make sure to lock the doors before going to bed at night.
  • dour Despite her dour appearance, deep down she was quite bubbly and cheerful.
  • drear The drear and gloomy weather made me feel unmotivated to do anything productive.
  • drier
  • DROID I watched as the droid scanned the room before beginning its assigned task.
  • droll The comedian's droll remarks got a smile from the crowd.
  • drone The pilot kept a watchful eye on the drone as it drifted listlessly in the wind.
  • drool I drool over your new outfit every time you get online.
  • droop
  • droopy The plant's leaves were droopy because it had not been watered in days.
  • drop
  • dross The dross in the ore was cleaned out.
  • drove He drove all night to get to the wedding on time.
  • drover The drover carefully led his herd of cattle across the dusty plains.
  • drown If you don't know how to swim, you could easily drown in deep water.
  • dryer My clothes are dryer than they have been in a long time.
  • roar The lion let out a loud roar when it saw its prey.
  • rood
  • root
  • rotor The rotor on the helicopter is spinning rapidly.
  • troop A troop of elephants was seen on the horizon.

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