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How to spell DRUAL correctly?

If you're trying to spell "drual" but keep getting it wrong, the correct term may be "dual". Another possibility could be "drupeal", which refers to a fruit with a fleshy exterior and hard pit in the center. Double-check your spelling and consider using a dictionary or spell-check tool to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell drual correctly

  • ARAL
  • areal
  • cruel I am so cruel to him; he always needs to be disciplined.
  • deal He made a deal with the devil and now he's stuck with the consequences.
  • decal I added a decal to my water bottle to make it more interesting.
  • dermal The technician applied a layer of ointment to the patient's dermal area.
  • dial I couldn't remember her phone number, so I had to dial it again.
  • dorsal Ramirez was discovered with a gunshot wound to the dorsal spine.
  • douala Douala is a bustling city in Cameroon with a vibrant culture and economy.
  • drab The drab room was dreary and bare.
  • drag I was feeling so lazy that I decided to take a drag off of my cigarette.
  • dram My grandmother enjoys a dram of whisky every night before bed.
  • DRAT " Drat! I forgot my keys inside the house.
  • draw I can draw a picture of the landscape.
  • drawl The southern gentleman spoke with a slow drawl that charmed everyone in the room.
  • dray The dray pulled by the horse was loaded with hay bales.
  • dread The prospect of facing my fears was enough to make me dread the upcoming test.
  • dream Once I had a dream in which I was a lion.
  • drear The overcast sky and barren streets created a drear atmosphere.
  • drill I need to borrow your drill so I can fix my tire.
  • droll I found the joke amusing, but my colleague found it quite droll.
  • drool The sight of the delicious food made him drool excessively.
  • drub I needed a dishrag to clean up the Drub.
  • drug She was addicted to the drug, and it was affecting her life in a negative way.
  • druid The druid was taking a break from summoning animals to clean his staff.
  • drum The drummer kept time with her hands on the drum's skin.
  • drupe A peach is a type of drupe, with a fleshy outer layer surrounding a hard pit that contains the seed.
  • dual
  • ducal The ducal family Crest was adorned with a banner of the St. George's Cross.
  • duel The two knights prepared to duel with their swords.
  • dull The lecture was so dull that half the audience fell asleep.
  • gruel I refuse to eat that terrible gruel.
  • kraal The livestock were gathered in the kraal for the night.
  • oral I have to have an oral exam.
  • real
  • rial
  • rural Rural life is quite different from city life.
  • trial The trial is scheduled to begin on November 3rd.
  • Ural

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