Correct spelling for DUDILGENCE

We think the word dudilgence is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dudilgence

  • deadliness It was the development of gun power and projectiles that called forth the thick armor, but it was soon found that it was impossible for the armor to keep pace with the deadliness of the guns as it was utterly impossible to carry the weight necessary to resist the force of impact.
  • diligence I, who have seen them many times, am lost in astonishment that they should have been executed with such good design and with so much diligence at that time, when all the arts of design were little better than lost, since the works of these monks were executed about the year of grace 1350, or a little before or after, as may be seen in each of the said books.
  • deadlines — Deb Shaver, director of admissions at Smith College Other considerations Advisors counsel that applicants should meet deadlines, spend time researching colleges, be open-minded, have fun, communicate what "resonates" to the applicant about a particular school, not fall in love with one or two colleges, follow directions precisely and make sure to click the "submit" button.

355 words made from the letters dudilgence

4 letter words made from dudilgence:

engi, edun, duei, ulin, nude, gelu, idul, neel, dncg, guen, egin, gnel, leud, delu, clue, lude, edde, dlee, enel, nece, unge, cung, nele, dule, dued, cudd, cdng, line, cene, ding, glen, lend, nudd, need, idlu, dein, nucd, lien, inec, eglu, lund, duin, nudi, uige, giel, enic, neue, cede, inle, iglu, cudi, iced, luin, nuel, dugi, cedi, duni, lind, inge, cing, dieu, guei, dune, gudi, luen, idun, lecg, clun, duce, guld, udin, unie, uden, gude, cgnu, gene, uele, gien, dung, glue, ugli, duli, idle, deul, geci, leni, inul, deed, lieu, deli, legi, genu, duel, eule, dude, ugni, duen, lnge, gild, geld, luge, ided, dldi, ludi, igel, ende, nige, geul, neid, nice, deci, lung, didn, ngee, nied, dniu, eile, glee, guli, elei, gdel, degn, guil, egli, cleg, dine, lein, nile, guie, enid, eien, gund, ugle, nicu, dice, ulee, eden, edge, ling, gede, geun, lied, luce, ueli, egen, gied.

5 letter words made from dudilgence:

edule, edcel, cugel, culin, linge, gelin, enule, lunde, genil, cuing, liden, niele, dedge, deild, eling, dulin, dieng, enide, deleg, legin, diene, endel, niece, genic, indle, clein, edigu, elgie, dinde, ludic, indue, lungi, gudni, ulice, gieen, lendu, dendi, duing, lunge, ended, guddi, glued, lined, clune, deliu, udeid, degni, inced, cunei, dedic, lucin, delic, dling, elend, elide, digel, lundi, gidel, nugee, diele, guild, luged, cegui, nided, glide, diede, udine, dende, gelid, culdi, eigen, dence, guled, guice, ndele, gulin, guile, undee, ngilu, cling, igene, uncle, luden, ugine, edinu, uddin, ginde, cline, lieue, lince, edged, guide, leuce, leuci, legen, ideen, liege, indec, cundi, elude, clued, liceu, dunce, edgel, celui, needl, guden, eidul, leine, ludin, ligne, ugene, clude, denel, ligue, cided, nudie, nudge, ledge, delun, deine, gedde, unled, dudin, uldin, luege, educe, eddin, ingel, degli, duden, endue, nield, undie, duned, lenge, clied, duced, lindu, eglin, dingl, gilde, deign, delen, lenig, neige, neild, deuce, lucid, uelen, dinge, neeli, unlid, dulic, luing, deice, ledin.

3 letter words made from dudilgence:

eel, gen, dle, lcd, ene, cul, lei, igd, cli, led, gin, gee, den, lug, gui, eld, leu, lin, end, gel, eeg, eec, nec, icu, nil, gnu, dud, ngu, cue, nig, due, din, ecg, ded, dec, dun, cud, lee, uni, ice, enl, iud, ige, dig, die, dug, lie, edd, lid, gun, nee, leg.

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