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How to spell DUMED correctly?

The correct spelling for the word "dumed" could be "doomed". It might also be "dumed" spelled differently, such as "dumbed" or "dames". If context is provided, suggestions for correct spelling might be more specific.

List of suggestions on how to spell dumed correctly

  • dame The dame asked the bartender for a whiskey sour.
  • Dammed
  • damned I am so damned tired of dealing with this problem.
  • Damped The vibrations in the room were damped by the thick curtains on the windows.
  • deed He did a good deed by donating to charity.
  • Deemed
  • Died My pet hamster died last night.
  • dime
  • dimmed The lights in the theater dimmed as the show was about to start.
  • dmd
  • dome
  • domed The building was adorned with a beautiful domed roof that glittered in the sunlight.
  • doomed If we don't take action soon, we'll be doomed to suffer the consequences.
  • Drummed The sound of the rain drummed against the window all night.
  • dud I was playing with my new toy, a dud.
  • dude I'm going to the club with my dude.
  • duet They sang a duet during their performance.
  • dumb
  • dumped He was dumped by his girlfriend and he is really sad.
  • Duped I felt duped after realizing the product I bought was a cheap imitation.
  • fumed The customer fumed with anger when she realized her order was incorrect.
  • med I called the doctor and asked him to prescribe the med.
  • muted The colors in the painting were muted and subdued, creating a sense of tranquility.
  • tamed After having been tamed by the wolf, the animal was brought in for show.
  • timed She timed her run perfectly and crossed the finish line first.
  • tumid The room felt too tumid to keep my head up.

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