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How to spell DUPAL correctly?

The correct spelling for "dupal" might be "doppel" as in "doppelganger" or "doppio" which means double shot in Italian. Other possibilities are "duplex" meaning two units or "dupe" as in tricked or deceived. It's always helpful to use context clues to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell dupal correctly

  • deal I'm trying to make a deal with my boss for more vacation time.
  • decal The decal of a unicorn on her car was eye-catching.
  • dial I need to dial her number to discuss the project.
  • dopa The athlete needed a large dosage of dopa to compete.
  • dual I dual citizenship.
  • ducal The ducal court sat in judgment on the thief.
  • duel The two knights faced each other in a fierce duel.
  • dull
  • dupe I knew it was a dupe shirt because the colors were slightly different than the original.
  • Duped I felt duped when I found out that the expensive item I bought was a cheap knockoff.
  • Duper
  • dupes The twins were dupes for the con artist.
  • duple The duple meter is often used in dance music.
  • nepal
  • opal The opal necklace was exquisite.
  • pal I like to play pal with my buddies from school.
  • papal
  • pupal The pupal stage of a butterfly is the final stage before it becomes an adult.
  • pupil The teacher was pleased to see her pupil's test scores had improved.
  • sepal
  • tubal She had to undergo a tubal ligation after delivering her third child.

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