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How to spell EAILS correctly?

If you accidentally type "eails" instead of "emails", don't worry! Auto-correct can come to your aid by suggesting the correct spelling option. Alternatively, using grammar and spell-check tools can help identify and rectify the error promptly. Remember to proofread your text thoroughly to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell eails correctly

  • ail After being diagnosed with the flu, John began to ail and feel weaker each day.
  • AILS
  • Ais I always lose my Ais key.
  • awls
  • BAILS She tried to bails out, but her foot got caught in the bike's pedal.
  • Eagles The Eagles are a professional American football team.
  • EARLS Earls can trace their ancestors back centuries.
  • easels The art studio had several easels set up for the students to use during their painting lessons.
  • easily I can easily lift this small box.
  • Eels Eels are a type of fish that are commonly found in fresh and saltwater habitats all over the world.
  • Elias The Elias Bible was donated to the library by Mrs. Elias.
  • ells He handed me six ells of beautiful silk.
  • Emails The emails I sent to my friends were received and replied to.
  • evils The world is full of both good and evils.
  • fails He fails to complete the task before the deadline.
  • hails The team hails the new arrival.
  • jails The overcrowding of jails has become a major issue in many countries.
  • Mails I need to check my mails before I reply to your message.
  • nails She painted her nails bright pink for the party.
  • Oils I use essential oils to relax after a long day at work.
  • pails I placed my pails of laundry in the washing machine.
  • rails I can't wait to go on the rails.
  • sails The sails on the boat were billowing in the wind.
  • tails My cat always has her tails brushed.
  • veils
  • wails The baby wails every time she is hungry.

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