Correct spelling for EASYJET

We think the word easyjet is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for easyjet

  • Aster(Definition of aster)
  • To her, the level prairie, rank with goldenrod, pink-flowered smartweed, and purple aster, was a land of wondrous growth.

  • Ascent(Definition of ascent)
  • The bars of the window formed a ladder for her ascent, and she clambered slowly up till her feet were resting upon the topmost bar.

  • Estate(Definition of estate)
  • 15,405. are the tenants on the gossaburgh estate bound to fish for messrs.

  • Askew(Definition of askew)
  • Mrs. askew has had a horse given her, so she goes out riding every morning from 4.30 to 5.30. the chaplain, mr. sewell, comes to see me very often; his wife helps in the kitchen; they are a delightful couple.

  • Astute(Definition of astute)
  • Upon this point, as it appears from secretary walsingham's lamentations, the astute farnese was mistaken.

  • Aesthete(Definition of aesthete)
  • As a matter of fact, there was much more of the aesthete in him than of the nonconformist.

  • Aspect(Definition of aspect)
  • The first aspect of many of his plays certainly produces the impression of their demoralising tendency.

  • Asst
  • Los angeles, cal. : h. o. wilson, gen. agt., u. p. r. r., 557 spring st. t. a. graham, asst.

  • Gasket(Definition of gasket)
  • If there is room to shave the gasket to the amount of taper, and use in addition a ring around the bolt holes, it will make a safer job.

  • Aside(Definition of aside)
  • With a pantomime of mystery he called the duke aside.

  • Assent(Definition of assent)
  • Cleremont nodded a half-unwilling assent.

  • Ascot
  • Wherever these people went, to be sure, they left outposts-a mediterranean villa, a deer forest behind the grampians, small saturday-to-monday establishments beside the thames and the north sea, and furnished abodes on short leases near newmarket and ascot heaths; not to mention nomadic trifles such as houseboats and yachts.

  • Asset(Definition of asset)
  • This is another typical asset of a prussian service officer, especially a naval man, and is quite contrary to the usual characteristics of english officials, whose brusqueness is too well and unpleasantly known.

  • Casket(Definition of casket)
  • In behalf of the interest marsden took in the case, and of my own-my own personal interest, i demand that if that casket has been restored it shall be opened here in the presence of your townsmen.

  • Ester(Definition of ester)
  • So ester hurried to and from the pantry, with quick, nervous movements, as the sun went toward the west, saying to maggie who was ironing with all possible speed: "maggie, do hurry, and get ready to help me, or i shall never have tea ready:" saying it in a sharp fretful tone.

  • Assert(Definition of assert)
  • She could not assert so unblushing a falsehood!"

  • Easter(Definition of easter)
  • And out of these little handfuls enough was sometimes saved for the country rambles at easter and whitsuntide and in the autumn.

  • Escort(Definition of escort)
  • "much obleeged to you for your escort, which i ked a done without.

  • East(Definition of east)
  • If mr. jacomb had still been in the south-east of london, working on his 60 pounds a year, nan would have had no doubt as to what she ought to do.

  • Easiest
  • If robert hall thinks easiest when lying flat on his back, let him be prostrate.

  • Eject(Definition of eject)
  • The sight of a soldier annoyed him, for he saw a conqueror, trampling vaingloriously through the capital of his country, and the inability of his land to eject the braggart astonished and mortified him.

  • Essayed
  • After many exclamations of wonder and admiration, lily rose, who had removed her dress, essayed to try it on.

  • Basket(Definition of basket)
  • They were presented in a lovely sweet grass sewing basket, which in turn was wrapped and tied with silver ribbon.

  • Eased(Definition of eased)
  • Reproach and remorse had abided with him until that sunset hour, when the load eased off his heart.

  • Asked
  • "shaman," she asked, "tell me where went the manitou of my sister while she lay there dead?"

76 words made from the letters easyjet

5 letter words made from easyjet:

jetes, aytes, tejas, jeats, seeta, jesty, yeast, asyet, tejay, seeya, saety, tease, teays, estey, tajes, yeats, jeeta.

3 letter words made from easyjet:

yet, jay, see, tee, yea, ese, eye, say, set, sty, ate, sat, eat, est, yes, eta, tay, jet, sea, tea.

4 letter words made from easyjet:

jeay, ease, jees, tsay, teye, ayts, esty, tays, tyes, yeas, eyas, tyee, etsy, seat, teej, eats, eeas, ayte, seya, jays, eyes, seta, yeta, jete, jasy, esye, stye, seay, stay, jest, sate, easy, jets, ejay, tyas, taee, atje, east, jeet.